PoaB 1.00c Released!

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PoaB 1.00c Released!

Post by Rising_Dusk » Mon Oct 05, 2009 10:17 pm

I'm proud to present the first public release of Pandas on a Beach on our site! The map is being made by 2-P, a clan member of VZ. I'll quote the map's description here for your convenience...
Pandas on a Beach wrote:
Pandas on a Beach is a survival map for up to 4 players of the most epic proportions. Flee the gigantic, immortal, and Godlike Kingler and reach the finish line as he strolls across the beach behind you nonchalantly! Beware the seemingly random* enemies that loiter this beach, as they will stop at nothing to keep you from escaping His Crabhammer! And all of this while being watched by a crowd of blood-thirsty penguins! The humanity! *Any similarities to characters from other maps, Sozen, players, BNet, the lulz, or solar beam are purely coincidental.
So swing on over to the maps page to download and try it! <3
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