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Posted: Tue May 13, 2008 12:28 pm
by Rising_Dusk
Currently, OD is in alpha testing at version 0.11b.
All version notes are available on this site under this topic.
Please take a second to scroll to the bottom and read it out if you want to see what I did in that version.

OD Download

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Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 4:23 pm
by Rising_Dusk

v0.10k ~

[X] - All heroes completed!
[X] - Levels 2-6 added to the game!
Lots of other stuff has been done too, but I don't document it all for alpha versions. Just give it a try.

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Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 5:13 am
by Rising_Dusk

v0.10p ~

[X] - Stuff done, seriously, I don't keep a change log for the alpha

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Posted: Tue May 05, 2009 12:00 pm
by Rising_Dusk

OD_v0.10r has been released!!
v0.10r ~
[X] - The map now has a new minimap preview!
[X] - Food has been replaced with a counter for Master's Rewards
[X] - The quest log now updates with information about the levels over the game
[X] - There are numerous sounds that play across levels now
[X] - A credits list has been added to the map

------ BUGS
[X] - Corrected an experience gaining issue in Level 2
[X] - Fixed a serious level switching error with Jumanji
[X] - The sound when picking a hero has been fixed
[X] - Corrected a serious AI error with Shivra
[X] - The proper sound plays when picking up gold now
[X] - Fixed a bug where the error sound wouldn't play
[X] - Improved Vizier's AI on the whole
[X] - Fixed an AI bug with Vizier

------ BALANCE
[X] - All bosses now regenerate mana 50% faster
[X] - Enemies no longer give experience after 180 seconds into a level

[X] - Smite has been replaced by Mark of Protection
[X] - Wisdom now increases mana by 20 for each point
[X] - Necromancers now have a 50% chance to summon skeletal mages with Raise Dead
[X] - Necromancer summoned skeletons & golems can now carry up to 1 item each
[X] - Battle Meditation has been replaced by War Cry
[X] - Berserkers now start with a lower movement speed

==== LEVEL 1
[X] - Kobolds no longer have bash
[X] - Kobolds now have much higher movement speed
[X] - Ramm now has a knock-up stomp skill in place of War Stomp

==== LEVEL 2
[X] - Ventor's basic summon skill now summons as many skeletons as
half the count of players in the game (rounded down)
[X] - Ventor can no longer steal summoned units
[X] - Ventor now activates his ultimate as soon as it is available
[X] - Skeletal Elites & Ventor now have much higher movement speed

==== LEVEL 3
[X] - Mara's ultimate now deals 25% more damage
[X] - Mara no longer spawns weaker based on completion time

==== LEVEL 4
[X] - Brood Children can now outrun players at any level of Alacrity
[X] - Shivra is now actually challenging enough to be an OD boss

==== LEVEL 5
[X] - Vizier's Bone Glaive's damage increased
[X] - Jumanji's stomach's damage per second doubled

==== LEVEL 6
[X] - Cyndarr now only summons as many sparks as there are players in the game

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Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 1:40 pm
by Rising_Dusk

OD_v0.10s has been released!
v0.10s ~
[X] - Level Time and Masters' Time have been added to the multiboard

------ BUGS
[X] - Fixed a pathing issue in Level 1
[X] - Fixed a pathing issue in Level 3
[X] - Corrected a bug where the game wouldn't let you progress if you
killed Ramm during MOOOVE!
[X] - The error sound no longer plays for all players when activated
[X] - Snowstorm's custom effect has been removed to reduce lag
[X] - Fixed a buff overlap bug with War Cry

------ BALANCE
[X] - Enemies now have less life for each player in the game

==== LEVEL 1
[X] - Kobold Geomancers have 20% less life
[X] - Kobold Gravediggers have 20% less life
[X] - Ramm's Knockup now deals damage when units hit the ground

==== LEVEL 2
[X] - Neverliving Berserkers now have 33% less life
[X] - The cap for skeletons during the boss battle has been reduced
[X] - Ventor's Vampiric Aura has had its effect reduced by 50%

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Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 1:42 pm
by Rising_Dusk

OD_v.10t has been released!
v0.10t ~
------ BUGS
[X] - Fixed another pathing issue in Level 1
[X] - Experience gain now properly stops after you miss a level's masters time
[X] - Item drops now fall off substantially after you miss a level's masters time
[X] - Enemy attack damage now properly scales to player count
[X] - Collision is now properly considered by AOE spells
[X] - Corrected a duration bug in War Cry
[X] - Fixed a tooltip error on War Cry

------ BALANCE
[X] - Necromancer's Death Nova has been replaced by Poison Nova

==== LEVEL 2
[X] - Masters Time is now 180 seconds
[X] - Enemies are slightly weakened for the boss fight

==== LEVEL 3
[X] - Vengeful Mummies now deal 25% less attack damage
[X] - Cultists of the Phantom Queen now have 25% less max life
[X] - The max enemies at any time now depends on Player Count

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Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:36 am
by Rising_Dusk

OD_v.10u has been released!
v0.10u ~

[X] - Cooldowns now reset when going to a new level!
[X] - Tomes of Respecialization have been added to the Merchant!
[X] - Training Kits have been added to the Merchant!

------ BUGS
[X] - Fixed a pathing error in Level 2
[X] - Fixed some visibility errors in Level 2
[X] - Fixed a masters time issue on all levels
[X] - The game now ends after 2 minutes of all player death
[X] - All players dying in level 5 while a hero is devoured now results in a loss
[X] - Mark of Protection is no longer castable on spirits

------ BALANCE
[X] - Armor attributes now max at 10 instead of 20
[X] - Poison Nova no longer affects inorganic units

==== LEVEL 1
[X] - Ramm now starts at 0 mana when the Runner dies

==== LEVEL 2
[X] - Ventor's boss fight has been redone
[X] - Ventor now spawns 30 seconds after level end

==== LEVEL 3
[X] - Mara now spawns 30 seconds after level end
[X] - Fewer enemies spawn when Mara enters the battle
[X] - Mara now moves 25% faster

==== LEVEL 5
[X] - Silisce spawn limit now scales with player count
[X] - Jumanji's innards now spawn tentacles correctly
[X] - Hydro Pump's water strikes now deal 25% less damage
[X] - Vizier's Bone Glaive now deals 33% less damage
[X] - Vizier's attack now deals 33% less damage
[X] - Vizier now has 20% less max life

==== LEVEL 6
[X] - Cyndarr's attack now deals 33% less damage
[X] - Spark spawn limit now scales with player count
[X] - Molten Boulders now deal 33% less damage
[X] - Cyndarr now has 20% less max life

Re: Download

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:10 am
by Rising_Dusk

OD_v0.10v has been released!
v0.10v ~

------ BUGS
[X] - Fixed a bug where no message would display if a player left after gameover
[X] - Fixed a bug where enemy life wouldn't properly update when a player leaves
[X] - Fixed a bug where the game would think skeletons leave fleshy corpses

[X] - Tomes are now properly labeled as consumables in their tooltips

------ BALANCE
[X] - All potions now have 5 second cooldowns

==== Level 1
[X] - Ramm now has 0 mana until activated
[X] - Ramm now only knocks back on attack during his ultimate
[X] - Ramm now charges his ultimate twice as fast
[X] - Ramm's ultimate now lasts half as long

==== LEVEL 2
[X] - The Ancient Crypt now spawns cooler
[X] - Minimum range of the Ancient Crypt is now 1200
[X] - The Ancient Crypt now has Ventor's Vampiric Aura
[X] - The Ancient Crypt now provides usable corpses
[X] - The Ancient Crypt now has 40% less life

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Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:31 am
by Rising_Dusk

OD_v0.10w has been released!
v0.10w ~

[X] - Added difficulty selection to the map!
[X] - Paladins now have a 'Healer Helper' on the left of their screens!
[X] - Attack types and armor types now display damage type and factors!
[X] - The map is now updated for Patch 1.24 and higher

------ BUGS
[X] - Fixed a graphical bug with the level timer in Level 5
[X] - Fixed a bug in Level 6 with Cyndarr's ult and critical hits
[X] - Fixed a bug where Ramm's ultimate would hit every player unit at once
[X] - Fixed a bug where Ventor's spawns would lock up if too many existed

------ BALANCE
[X] - Removed cooldowns on potions
[X] - Assassinate now scales roughly 33% more effectively with concentration
[X] - Necromancer summoning skills can now critical
[X] - Corpse Explosion now has a 2 second cooldown

==== Level 1
[X] - Kobold Shamen now ressurect Kobolds
[X] - Kobold Shamen can no longer throw rocks
[X] - Ramm's now starts at 50 mana when activated

==== Level 2
[X] - Ventor's revive timer is now 10/15/20/25/30 seconds
[X] - The Ancient Crypt now has vision of the entire level

==== LEVEL 3
[X] - Cultists now have 33% more max life
[X] - Mara's Ultimate now deals 20% less damage

==== LEVEL 4
[X] - When an egg successfully hatches, a web spawns that slows units

==== LEVEL 6
[X] - During Cyndarr's Ultimate, a damage counting gauge appears
[X] - During Cyndarr's Ultimate, a completion gauge appears

Re: Download

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:32 am
by Rising_Dusk

OD_v0.10x has been released!
v0.10x ~

------ BUGS
[X] - Fixed a graphical bug with the Paladin Healer Helper

Re: Download

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:08 am
by Rising_Dusk
Due to the site downtime, I am posting backlogged notes here.
v0.11b ~

------ BUGS
[X] - Level 7 now properly activates with Cyndarr's key

v0.11 ~

[X] - Level 7, the Throne, is now playable!

------ BUGS
[X] - Fixed a random footman in Level 3
[X] - Fixed a display error on Cyndarr's gauges if he dies
[X] - Fixed Corpse Explode not damaging inorganic units
[X] - Fixed Poison Nova not damaging inorganic units

------ BALANCE
[X] - Enemy HP scaling to player count has been rebalanced
[X] - Tomes of Respecializing and Retraining have had their cost reduced to 10 gold
[X] - When a player revive's normally, they now revive at half life and mana
[X] - Immunity now only reduces magickal damage taken by 1 per rank
[X] - The Paladin's Resurrect now revives at half mana
[X] - Guardian Angel now lasts 45 seconds at all levels
[X] - Guardian Angel now scales better with Endurance
[X] - Rebalanced the max life of most bosses