Hero Challenge #1

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Hero Challenge #1

Post by Kaome Sky Deathand » Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:29 pm

Alright alright...I'll be honest...
I haven't really had any incentive to post anything because no-one does anything with any points I give out.
Trying to fill in for Blankie as been an epic fail...yet here I am still stubborn and foolish trying to make the best of it.

This challenge is easy and a nice free OP exercise for everyone.
Do up a hero (like AotZ or DoE) for yourself or any other member of the VZ forums/Bnet bunch.
I will award a base OP amount and additional OP for Epicness, LOLS, or general GFG.

Easy enough right?
I'll give you a couple of days.
Cruor Vult

Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion,
simultaneously the source of our greatest strength, and our greatest weakness.

Soon we shall be One...joined in the Word.

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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by Black_Heart » Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:05 am

I will take up this challenge.
Should we post our heroes in this topic, in the actual suggestion forum, or does it matter?
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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by Rising_Dusk » Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:29 am

I will join this, but I must think.
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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by Vinnam » Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:36 am

The Manotaur
Half Man, Half Bull, ALL MANLY
Strength ; Order


In an age long past, there existed a Manotaur (not to be confused with the inferior MINOtaur). This beast was known as the manliest of the creations of the gods, and performed deeds far surpassing those of mortal men. This manliest of men, this paragon of panache, this figure of legend, is no simple man. He is Half man, Half bull, and ALL MANLY. He is... THE MANOTAUR.

Level 1 Skills:
Single Target Line
The Manotaur charges towards target unit for X, gaining +Y% bonus movespeed and knocking down units in his path (both allied and enemy) for Z seconds. If The Manotaur reaches his target within the time of his charge, target unit is dealt X damage and is crippled for Y seconds.

Activated Passive
The Manotaur pumps himself up, giving himself a +X bonus to Strength and Armor. However, as long as PREPOSTERONE is activated The Manotaur takes damage equal to his Intelligence every Y seconds.

Single Unit Target
The Manotaur fears no living creature, be he beast or Baneite! The Manotaur roars at target unit, Blinding and Ruining struck foe for X seconds. If the Manotaur is suffering from a condition, this costs no Mana to cast.

Level 6 Ultimate:
As long as The Manotaur is suffering from a condition, The Manotaur gains +X% attack speed and reduces his base intelligence by Y%


Hehe... Had some fun thinking this up. Some stuff may seem a bit generic, but hey, The Manly Man is a bit generic himself.

Since everyone else seems to be examining their hero's roles in combat, I guess I can do so as well... The Manotaur is a squishy tank, kind of like Glyphe. MANSMASH is the Manotaur's double-edged technique, since it can lead to potentially bad situations if his allies get in the way. However, it can also stop a push dead in its tracks if used correctly, and is a dangerous skill in the right hands.

PREPOSTERONE is a buffing technique that also has a drawback that scales (at least a bit) with leveling, so it can't be nullified as easily and (hopefully) scales with leveling. A skill that can be dangerous if used at the right time.

GOROAWR is a harrasment skill and really not much else, and was included more for thematic reasons than anything else.

MANLY MAN is a devastating skill used in conjunction with the other 3 skills, and is quite possibly broken all to hell.

So, final analysis: The Manotaur is a MANLIER version of Glyphe.





The Deathand
I enjoyed just reading PREPOSTERONE as a skill name.
+25 OP
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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by andriejj » Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:39 am

Haha, this worked great on the AoM forum, long, long time ago. I look forward to someone making Meta or Loki ;)

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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by TheIrishPatriot » Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:32 pm

This post reserved :). I will edit stuff in, do we have a definite deadline?

The Irish Patriot
Forum Lurker
Primary Attribute: Int.
Team: Order.

The Deathand:
Alas, Poor Irish...
+2 OP
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Read my prose please :).
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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by Jericho Veronus » Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:50 pm

May God have mercy on your soul, for you shall find none here!

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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by TheDeathstalker » Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:43 am

Kaome Sky Deathand
Quintessence of the Forsaken
Strength; Order of Secrets.

Day 742 Day 743 Too long.

We all knew it was coming. Hell, half of us were excited! But this war, this battle alone, has been waged for eons, and is wearing a hole in the souls of everyone here. None of us ever expected the sky to be the first casualty of the Seige, but they did it! Those inglorious bastards tapped the darkest of magicks and swallowed up the sun.

Fools never stopped to think that the Deathand would just smile at such a catastrophe. While the rest of us stood in shock, he leapt at the opportunity, dancing with the shadows under empty skies. By the gods, we’d all be dead if he hadn’t dealt such an unimaginable blow in those first hours. By all reports, not but their bravest generals survived that onslaught, and even they were but shells after confronting the very avatar of death.

I don’t know if the man slept at all the first week of the Seige. We all simply heard his voice day after day, and obeyed. None of us bothered, no, that’s not right. None of us dared to look for him, look at him, not with the amount of unspeakable weaponry the man wielded. Not to mention the nearly lethal levels of magick that still clung to him from whatever onslaught he had just endured. His will and might may have kept him safe, but with all the despicable tools they were using, the same could not always be said for us.

And so went the first week, endless waves of bodies could not prevail against the Scar, no matter how much they lusted for it’s treasures. All because of Kaome, the Right Hand of the Serpent, Master of the Order of Secrets, Warlord in the Order of the Wall, Forsaken by the Holy Gods. Had our lord survived that week, I have no doubts that the Order would have survived this Siege. Yet for now we seek only to survive the day, the hour, the second.

Like every single member of the Order, I still think I hear his voice echoing throughout the Scar, but with the position we’re in, I can’t spare the time to entertain such thoughts. And yet, such reports have only grown more frequent as of late. Soldiers claiming to have heard his warning before a volley of arrows that would have struck them dead, cavalry claiming to have had their mounts spooked by his visage. There was even a report so recently as an hour ago that claimed to have seen a heavily clad warrior wielding Kaelis-Ra smiting a trebuchet just as it was about to fire. While dead is dead, I cannot deny that it is good to hear his name chanted as a battle cry again, and to see that fire in their eyes rekindled after dying so long ago.

Although, if anyone could claw their way out of Hell…

-- Orran Cathos, Interim Warlord in the Order of the Wall
Level 1 Skill:
The Dark
  • Day 1

    Day 1

    I am at a loss. This eternal night, it’s horrifying, for all of us. It is a twisted thing, this blackness, it eats at the very core of you, I can see it in the eyes of everyone around me, and I know it to be in my own. The only solace any of us have is that while we have little to fear in this abyss, they have the Deathand to deal with.

    And that is more than enough for any man to have a fear of the Dark.

    -- Orran Cathos, Order of the Wall
    Teleports up to X distance, channeling for one second for every Y distance traveled. Y is doubled if cast into the fog of war. The shadows cleave to him, granting Z% evasion, which tapers off by W% every second and every time he makes an attack.
Level 1 Skill:
Damned Magick
  • Day 3

    Day 3

    Never have I seen a man so monstrous in his command of the battlefield as the Deathand. His strength and skill are unmatched, but even if they were, the artifacts that protect him… defy comprehension.

    I saw a wave of death rip through our men and theirs, lusting for nothing but Kaome’s blood, and yet when the magick struck him, it’s power was all for naught. He simply pointed back at the warlock, and sent the spell right back to it’s source. By the gods, we may win this war yet.

    -- Orran Cathos, Order of the Wall
    Passive Magic Reduction/Active Counterspell
    Passively reduces all spell damage dealt to Kaome by X%. In addition, any spell that directly strikes Kaome is negated and stored in the armor, and can be recast by Kaome. Only one spell can be stored at a time. While a spell is stored, and for Y seconds after it is recast, this ability does not function.
Level 1 Skill:
Untarnished Valor/Unyielding Zeal
  • Day 4

    Day 4

    In a day before my time, and one now spoken only in the language of nightmares it is said the Deathand devoted himself, both body and soul, to the ideals of Valor and Zeal. Such claims are the stuff of tales concocted to scare children into obedience, and yet I am hard pressed to find any who doubt their veracity after seeing him in battle. He is truly a man possessed by the most magnificent of demons.

    -- Orran Cathos, Order of the Wall
    Toggled Auras
    Valor- For every foe felled within the last X seconds while this aura is in effect, nearby allies gain Y health regeneration. When toggled to Zeal, for every Z foes felled while Valor is active in the last X seconds, one allied unit is revived.
    Zeal- For every attack made by Kaome against the same target, nearby allied units gain X% move speed and Y% attack speed. Resets every time he attacks a different target. When toggled to Valor, for every Z attacks made by Kaome against the same target while Zeal is active, one nearby allied unit instantly makes an attack on Kaome’s target for X% extra damage.
Level 6 Elite:
The Serpent’s Deathand
  • Day 6

    Day 6

    The war is won, or shall soon be. With the Deathand’s power, there can be absolutely no defeat. In one of the hundreds of unbelievable feats I have seen from this man since this battle began, he slew an entire legion in a single devastating strike. Words fail me, so I leave them to the poets after this battle reaches it’s inevitable conclusion.

    -- Orran Cathos, Order of the Wall
    Targeted Chaining Nuke
    Deals X damage to target unit, then deals X - Y damage for every unit within a cone Z distance behind it. The spell then repeats, dealing X - Y damage to each of the struck units, then X - 2*Y damage for every unit within a cone Z distance behind it. This continues until it either hits no units, or would deal no damage to them.
Original Sin
  • Day 7

    Day 7

    I have seen a god slain by those unworthy. Torn down by mongrels, those inhuman beasts conjured their greatest power at one point.

    And the powers of Hell prevailed against the Deathand.

    He went not without a fight, managing to face his accuser, the high priest of all of Huron. I saw him whisper something in his ear before the last blow was dealt, ending the Deathand. I know not what was said, but Kaome was a man of many terrible and ancient secrets. They say knowledge is power, and whoever they are is right, as the last sight of the Deathand was of the high priest, as his head exploded.

    -- Orran Cathos, Humbled Servant
    Target Hero Disable
    Kaome whispers an ancient secret from the dawn of mankind, shattering the mind of the target unit. It is knocked down for X seconds, during which time, any attack it receives reduces its Intelligence by Y. If it’s Intelligence is reduced to zero, it dies, dealing Z damage in a large AoE. The Intelligence drain is permanent until the hero is killed, but until such a time as the hero is killed, Kaome cannot gain mana by any means.
1) First of all, let me say thanks to Kaome for such an awesome character to draw from. As you can probably tell, it's from the 2nd Tangent, the story bits are written from the point of view of my character, in a journal style. I'm sure they could do with a bit more polish, but I think they're solid enough.
2) I know the skills are a bit long, but I don't think they are inherently too complicated, at least not for an AotZ hero. The only tricky one would probably be the Valor/Zeal toggle, but in essence all that's going on is switching between two auras which build as you build momentum in combat, and then discharging that momentum when you toggle in the form of the revive (super heal = revive) and the mass attack (super attack/movespeed = instant attack).
3) Some of the synergies in this hero are a bit forced, or at least rather blunt, but for the life of me, I can't think of a way to change that without sacrificing the epic feel I'm going for. I think I spent so long writing those bits that I can't pull myself away enough to be objective about this either, so I guess this is a "need your help" to perfect it hero.
4) I think that's about it. Here's hoping I don't incur anyone's wrath...

The Deathand:
Absolutely friggan awesome.
I induct you into the Order and award you 'Favored' Status.
Along with this...
+100 OP
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And though you come out of each gruelling bout,
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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by Loki » Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:56 am

Can't wait to finish tangent 2
Let's do what comes naturally
I'll be waiting in Haven.

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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by Rising_Dusk » Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:16 am

All I've got to say is GOOD F*CKING GAME.
"I'll come to Florida one day and make you look like a damn princess." ~Hep

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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by Kaome Sky Deathand » Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:20 am

Maybe a week or so.
I am generous...for I am pleased.
You are going to be hard pressed after what I just read...
Cruor Vult

Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion,
simultaneously the source of our greatest strength, and our greatest weakness.

Soon we shall be One...joined in the Word.

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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by vesuvan » Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:58 am

Closet /b/-tard
Agility; Order.

Hollowed order! The bane is at it again! We need five canadians with attitude!



err... Oxy?

Is anybody else going to show up?

twink it, OXY!

Level 1 Skill:
Not Amused
  • Caster is not amused for X seconds. Once every second, nearby enemies suffering a condition have their blind extended by Y seconds.
Level 1 Skill:
Play WoW Again
  • The caster channels for up to X seconds, dealing Y damage each wave in the target area. Everybody is like "wtf is going on this damage is coming out of twinking nowhere". if the caster channels for the full X seconds, he teleports to the target, crippling all nearby enemies. "Oh, Oxy is playing WoW again. Meh."
Level 1 Skill:
Encyclopedia Dramatica
  • Summons longcat, a mudkip, Suiseiseki, and EFG. They shield and surround Oxy. Each takes X damage from their respective sides until being destroyed
Level 6 Ultimate:
Bagged milk
  • SUDDENLY BAGS OF MILK EVERYWHERE, drenching and maiming all those within the area of effect during the channel of up to fifteen seconds. every second that a bag opener magikally appears to spill dairy fury, it returns to oxy to increase his attack damage, that's a lot of sharp edges behind plastic safety sheathes. Do You know what it feels like to have fifteen bags of milk poured on you, then get assaulted by each of the openers responsible? Of course not, you would be DEAD.

Oxy is essentially a shock attacker who relies on burst damage and sheer wtf value rather than having an overall high DPS. He is designed to survive focus fire for a short period of time, disable those around him, and generally survive things that an agility-based attacker really shouldn't. He has two channeling spells, which is extremely unusual for a hero that is not really a caster, but an attacker.

Playing WoW is a great way to force the opponent to move, and can set up ambushes or fend off a push. It can even be used as an escape tool if he casts encyclopedia dramatica to survive the casting time so he can teleport.

What makes ED unique is that while it does not offer optimal protection against a foe attacking from one direction, it absorbs an overal huge amount of damage if he is being attacked from all sides. This reinforces his role as a tankish attacker.

Not amused is generally a support spell for after the battle has already started. Cast it too soon, and the spell will waste duration waiting for conditions to trigger it. Cast it too late, and Oxy will miss time that could be used for blinding enemy parties. Timing is everything with this spell.

Bagged milk rounds out what Oxy's role is, to sponge damage, then dish it back out. The maim helps him survive long enough to channel a ridiculous increase in attack damage, so you had better run.

The Deathand:
Mildly amusing.
+20 OP

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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by Psiclone » Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:21 am


Council Member: Noob
Agility; Bane of Eternity.

The midnight hour struck as Khârn burst from the shadows of the crypt and onto the battlefield.

The Servant of the Blood God howled to the night moon in a raging tribute of slaughter and began his rampage. Moving swiftly and purposefully, his axe cleaved through soldier after soldier of the hated Order. Blood caked his hands and his mouth ran red with the life-water of his enemies. But it was not enough. Armored soldiers poured in through the Baneite gates like a gleaming metal tide. A tide he was unable to stop.

Cursing, Khârn slowly traced his way back to the main citadel as he attempted to take out as many warriors as he could. There were simply too many. Khârn watched over his shoulder with disappointment as he saw fellow soldiers die. The Ravager, he saw pierced with an Order spear from afar. The pesky imp-thing, he saw striken down by dozens of magical bolts. And countless Baneites were swept beneath the waves of weak human soldiers. Khârn strode back towards the base in an attempt to garner reinforcements, but there were none. Screaming in rage, he stood his ground at the base of the crypt, ready for his final stand.

As the Champion of Slaughter awaited his doom, a hush fell over the battlefield. Time suddenly began to slow and sputter; his movements were jerky and sporadic, when present at all. Scanning the battlefield for the source of this strange curse.

Then he saw him.

Standing by the citadel was a warrior he had never seen before. The newcomer hefted a ridiculously-disproportionate sword over his shoulder with a stupid grin. Waves of pixilated particles wafted off of his body; it seemed as if the dammed fool had every attachment point available occupied with some sort of effect! “The insolent wrech even has the [chest, mount] slots occupied!” he roared. In fury, he strode towards the target, jerkily, bent on murder.

Time stopped for a moment. What seemed like ages passed, with no movement across the field from beast and Baneite alike.

Then, an explosion of movement. Everything moved impossibly fast to Khârn’s eyes, and before he knew it, dozens of armored bodies pressed against him. In vain, the juggernaut tried to swat away the soldiers, but it was too late. As many a spear, sword, and spell struck the behemoth, it became too much. Releasing one final warcry, he swung one last time before he toppled to the ground.

Blood pooled around Khârn as his vision dimmed. The chorus of sword on armor still rang, but less and less every moment; he could see the Hated Order assaulting the citadel itself. As his last breath left him, the Blood Champion heard these words from some unknown source:

Psiclone: hey guys, srry about the lag, its from dis awsome model eh? lol

Psiclone: well, gg guys. im not rly good at this game but its fun. rehost kk?
Level 1 Skill:
Post Flame – Active Damage Aggravator
  • Psiclone obscenely flames at will, shooting a fiery ball of offensive fury. Enemies caught in the blast will take X damage and be horribly offended, increasing their attack speed by Y% but causing them to take Z damage per second.

    "how come none of the wc3c guys like us they are prolly just snobs… :roll: "
Level 1 Skill:
Uber Pwnage – Active Compliment/Buff
  • Psiclone labels a unit within range as “uber pwnage”. While under the effect of Uber Pwnage, the target has it’s damage and armor increased by X (large number) and it’s movement speed increased by Y. However, during uber pwnage’s duration, Psiclone is transfixed by the target, and can do nothing but follow it until the duration expires.

    "omg that modle is sick dude i lve it 1000000000/5 :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: "
Level 1 Skill:
QQ – Passive AoE Corrode
  • Whenever Psiclone is attacked, there is a X% chance that he will release a wave of salty tears in an area of effect, reducing all nearby unit’s armor by Y for 15 seconds.

    "guys im trying to make a awesom dota kinda map but i realy need help whats active passive mean plz plz help soon :cry: "
Level 6 Ultimate:
+Rep – Autocast Overused General Buff
  • When +Rep is cast, Psiclone adds to the reputation of the target unit, permanently increasing his damage by X (very small amount) and armor by Y (very small amount). Unlike other spells, this can be cast multiple times on the same target and stacks with itself.

    "lol i liek ur comment you are verry funny man :D "
Level 11 Ultimate:
l337sp33k - Active Chat Destroyer
  • Psiclone becomes one with his inner noob and unleashed the horrifying power of l337sp33k. During l337sp33k's duration, whenever Psiclone types a chat message, it will be instantly translated into l337sp33k, and every unit on the map will take X (small) damage and have it’s movement speed reduced by 20% for Y seconds.

    "its how all the pros talk on bnet i swear!"
Interesting that the first hero suggestion I make for months is a comedic one :lol: . He’s more poking fun at Battle.net/HW noobs than any real person, I just used my name because I didn’t want to slap this monstrosity on anyone else.

In case you’re actually interested about the hero’s role, Psiclone tends to be a crowd control/support hero. He can buff up allies with abilities like Uber Pwnage and +Rep, increasing their overall combat capabilities. He's not completely defenceless, however; he can also debuff enemies with QQ, control large crowds with Post Flame, and even turn the tide of the battle with l337sp33k (and rapid typing).


The Deathand:
Almost tempted to call you S3kshun8
+ 27 OP
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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by Oxygen » Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:38 am

The 8th Element, Pain
Primary Attribute: Intelligence, although everything is equally high.
Team: Caliga

Story: Fairy tales are for sissies. You don't need a story when you're so badass. Modeswhat?
  • Image
Innate Skill:
Edge of Desolation
  • What the f*ck are you doing on my lawn? Did you not realize, ever, that I was having an affair? But how could you know, right? I don't care, I'm busy, and your case annoys me. Get the hell off.

    I travel in a line towards the target point, dealing 600 physical damage and breaking the first struck foe's legs because that's generally painful, and I enjoy causing pain very much. Deals double damage to babies, kittens, pregnant women, goths, architects, already crippled people, satanists, garage band singers and football players as well as everything else I hate. Edge of Desolation also happens to be a catalyst for other abilities, too, so get ready motherf*cker.

Level 1 Skill:
Double Faced Motherf*cker
  • I'm on your side! Wait, I'm not. Haha. That's because I'm always lying, and I happen to like it that way. Best ally or worst enemy? Doesn't matter, you're dead either way.

    So much that upon activation, for a period of time, everybody is blinded for as long as "they" are close to me. "They" is a relative term to say people. I also happen to turn invisible, just because going invisible is awesome and I'd like to randomly walk into houses and scare the sh*t out of people while they're cooking or taking a dump or whatever. Oh, and by the way: If I use Edge of Desolation while Double Faced Motherf*cker is active, I just blind everybody on my way and beyond. Good luck dodging it since you won't even see it coming.

Level 1 Skill:
A Can of STFU
  • I like tossing stuff, period. And I hate your face. My mom always happens to buy crappy cans of beans which taste as if they had been pickled in ball sweat. I hate them deeply, so it's truely a win-win situation for me.

    Cans are pretty rare in DoE, though, as there aren't really any industry around ( although you may consider Caliga a slaughterhouse ); and so, for this spell, I'll have to find myself using empty potion bottles. That's just fine, though, because when I toss one of them in your face, the glass shrapnels cause you to bleed and the glass in your mouth shuts you for good. It also deals some damage, of course. Oh, and by the way: If I use Edge of Desolation and then A Can of STFU, the empty bottle takes much velocity that it pierces through people and does bonus damage as it maims em' tight.

Level 1 Skill:
Break the Keyboard
  • Passive. Daww, aren't you though! Insulting me over the Internet! You know what, I have no time to waste with teary eyed women filling up my youtube mailbox with incoherent insanities.

    What I'll do, instead, is this: I'll smack my keyboard so hard that you'll get knocked frontward ( yes, FRONTWARD, because I can break gravity with my superhuman strength ) and catch on the fire, as well as because of the imminent flaming session that you happened to be spared from. But wasn't really. Oh, and by the way: If I use Edge of Desolation with at least one skill point into Break the Keyboard, I'll just put stuff on my way on fire. That simple.

Level 6 Ultimate:
Three Hundred Pounds Punch to Visage
  • So you've done it. Now I'm REALLY pissed.

    I put all of my might ( it's alot, by the way ) into a single, juggernaut blow which would make captain falcon look like a 4 year old girl. The damage dealt is equal to the square root of your max health divided by zero for each condition you suffer from. This ruins your sh*t, and knocks you down, assuming that the earth can actually stay together after the impact shockwave.
Oxygen is meant to be a very supportive hero to team mates with which direct confrontation with an enemy should be avoided.

The Deathand:
Double-faced gets me every single time XD
+ 50 OP

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Re: Hero Challenge #1

Post by Rising_Dusk » Sat Jun 13, 2009 4:25 am

Emissary of the Ephemeral
Strength; N/A.


Within the war-torn scriptures of a lost civilization,
Sundered from existence without any consolation,
Lies a tale of a deified being against all comprehension,
Followed by the fewest of those with minimal apprehension,
It tells a story of a creature so great,
A creature so hungry that much of what he saw he ate,

His tummy was vast and his generosity beyond all else,
His power so much so that he could stand on worlds or stand on shelves,
There is naught that which can surpass this greatest one story,
For this tale is of the one, the only, the great Blankie.
Aldren read the nearly broken apart tablet on the floor in front of the temple. He had been searching the desert for what seemed like a millenia for this specific set of ruins and after 12 years his team had finally found it. It had been hiding in plain sight, yet was invisible to all but the most keen of eyes. There were several dozen canyon-like ridges throughout what had been known to historians as the Scar, and between them there appeared to exist nothing at all but sand and their dunes. Upon finding the journal of a paladin in a crypt that apparently belonged to this civilization, though, he knew there was more to it than simply sand and rock.

He had spent years deciphering the code embedded in it, and with the notes in the journal, he finally understood enough to make it so. He and his group moved into the revealed ruins under the largest of sand dunes, kept hidden by ancient and arcane magicks. They refused to follow him into the front-most temple, afraid that they would anger whatever God existed there at one point or in any form anymore. He didn't know what to believe anymore, he knew there existed a deity that these people worshiped on some level, but he had never heard its name nor did he understand the cryptic message about its hunger and name. This... Blankie, as it was called, must have been worshiped from within this temple...

He walked inside to the first room.
Level 1 Skill:
  • The Hunger

    Its hunger is as eternal as the engulfing night,
    Feed it that which it desires and pass, you might.

    The message was cold and hollow, much like the room that lied before Aldren. He had found this message on the floor directly inside the front door. Ahead of it there loomed a great statue of what appeared to be a dragon -- could this be the Blankie? A dragon? Inconceivable as it was, from the description he could only imagine that this Blankie might be akin to a dragon. At either corner of the statue's square base was a tall brazier, standing roughly four feet off the ground each. The braziers weren't lit, naturally. In front of the dragon statue was a platter, it appeared, with nothing set upon it but the withered bones of what appeared to be some kind of lizard. Perhaps this was where sacrifices were made to the being, Aldren mused...

    Nothing else existed in the room but three indentations at different walls in the room. These appeared to be walls with ridges in them, suggesting that perhaps there were more rooms than just this in the temple. From the outside, it looked much larger than this one room, so he concluded that whatever he was to do in this room would open up the others. He pondered for a moment over what the message had said... The hunger... Could it be?

    He reached deep in his pocket and took out a piece of bread he had brought with him. He leaned before the front of the statue on one knee, fist over his heart likethe paladin whose journal he was now in possession of was laid to rest. In the other hand, he brushed the bones from the platter and placed the bread, followed by a bowing of his head. For a moment, nothing happened and Aldren's spirit felt crushed. Then, all of a sudden, the platter began levitating!

    It floated up off the square base of the pedestal and then suddenly shook violently, after which the bread vanished mysteriously and the sounds of crunching could be heard just beyond the statue. Aldren looked suddenly behind the statue and could've sworn he saw something float into the wall just beyo-- A brazier suddenly lit up! He immediately turned to his left as the sound of shifting rock came to his ears. The wall had apparated out of the socket and there was now a door there to another room. He stood immediately and triumphantly and walked onward...
    Target Unit.
    Target unit, whatever it may be, is consumed utterly and completely, healing Blankie for X life based upon the target's maximum life.
Level 1 Skill:
Up To No Good
  • The Mischief

    When confronted by He of the shelf,
    All you truly have to fear is yourself.
    Another message was on the entrance to this room. Aldren had the feeling that this would be a recurring theme for each of the rooms that he visited. This message was disturbing, though, it suggested that when confronted by he of the shelf, which Aldren thought could only refer to this Blankie creature, you had to fear yourself... He wasn't quite sure what to make of that, he certainly was hoping he wouldn't have to fight some ghostly form of himself.. He gripped his scimitar tight and began pulling it out, sure now that he would be attacked by some creature of the crypt to test his mettle. Surely this Blankie would not want to meet one who could not defend himself in combat.

    He swung behind himself, sure that he saw some bluish apparition behind him. He heard a mutter of what seemed like a cackle. Whatever the creature was, it was harassing him! He swung again at the next sound, this time with a lung--

    He barely managed to catch himself on the tiled floor as his sword fell beneath him. He looked under himself, sure that he was seeing a floor to stand on, but when he reached to step on it, there was nothing there. He heart what sounded like his sword clattering to a metallic floor far, far, far below him. It was an optical illusion, it must have been. He pulled himself up to the sound of giggling once more. The ghostly creature that he kept seeing in his peripheral vision must have been taunting him into lunging to his demise.. He knew in an instant that this was the meaning of the message. His own paranoia, vanity, and desire to prove himself would be his undoing. He must first clear his mind and then approach this room with a steady hand.

    After climbing out of the pit, he stood firm on the actual tiled floor and reached into the satchel at his side. He dug to the bottom, beneath his tools and other instruments, grabbed a hand full of what was there and extracting it. Having been in the sand dunes for so long, his pack had collected its own reservoir of sand within it. He looked at the walls of the room, noting that they looked identical to the floors. He imagined that this must all be mirrors or some mystical magick at play; for nothing physical he knew of could perform like this. In one of the walls, he saw a tile that appeared different from the rest for some reason. He cast the sand in the direction of that tile, noting where it fell through the floor and where it stayed.

    Tracing the tiles that appeared to be there from where the sand had landed, he reached the tile in the wall that seemed out of place. The pattern was shaded opposite the other tiles in the room, as if the light playing across it was acting opposite to how it naturally should. He grasped the tile in his hand -- or tried to; his hand passed right through the tile and seemed to push some button or whatnot. Another giggle was heard behind him, but it was this time muffled by the sound of sliding rock from the room next door and the poof of what could be none other than another brazier lighting up. He retraced his steps to the door and crossed the previous room, eager to see what the next room held in store for him.
    Target Unit.
    Changes one of the target hero's level 1 actively cast abilities at random to "Feed Blankie," updating its tooltip but not changing its icon or hotkey. This ability, when used, heals Blankie for X life and grants him a Y% speed bonus for 12 seconds.
    Lasts 30 seconds.
Level 1 Skill:
Paws of Fire
  • The Fire

    Be wary of the undercouch,
    If you play with fire and don't put it out, ouch.
    Aldren paused, noting how this message seemed almost silly compared to the rest. The undercouch? Ouch? What manner of trickery was this? Playing with fire? None of it seemed to make sense when he walked into the utterly empty room. There was absolutely nothing in the room at all. The only difference appeared to be how the floor tiles were shaped in wide circles instead of square tiles. Unfortunately for Aldren, when he stepped upon the center circle to get a better view of the room, he stepped upon a pressure tile..

    The door slid up from the ground behind him, sealing him inside of the room. Just as it did, though, the ceiling opened up and small, urchin-shaped and spined orbs fell from the openings. He looked at them desperately seeking answers as they fell on the outer rim of the room. They were spined with thick pokers and each glowed a dull red that gradually got brighter. He wasn't sure what to make of them until they burst into flames! He looked at them with fear in his eyes now, unsure of what to do as they continued to glow brighter. Once they were the color and luminosity of the very sun in the sky, they erupted into a pyre, each engulfing a portion of the room in undying fire.

    He cowered from the explosions with his head in his knees upon the floor.
    He had not been expecting such a catastrophe! He had no clue what to do! Just then, four more of the orbs fell from the ceiling, this time close enough that the explosions would reach him if they ignited. He immediately recalled what had just happened and then the message on the floor; he had to put the spiked balls out somehow! -- But how?

    He poked the one closest to him, unsure if it would detonate by proximity or pressure. It did not. He picked it up and examined it as it began glowing the dull red like the ones before it. Aldren glanced up at the ceiling only to notice that it closed up as soon as the balls were released. He looked the orb over for a way to turn it off, but nothing showed itself. It appeared to be a solid object through and through. He had to put it out, he had to snuff the fire inside of it, he had to -- Break it open, he thought at once.

    He gripped the object hard now, nearly pressing the spokes into his callous flesh. He reached back behind him and threw the orb at the wall where the door had once been. It shattered upon the wall almost immediately as it struck, leaving behind a single red shard where it had fallen to the floor in the fire from the previous orbs. He looked quickly at the door, noticing then that there were four engravings in it shaped just like the shard that had come out. He had to use them! They were the keys!

    Deciding it would be intelligent to not have to fetch the other shards out of the fire, he smashed the other three on the floor beneath him. Just as he broke the last one and collected its shard, six more of the objects fell from the ceiling. He grabbed the closest one and tried to smash it on the ground to obtain a fourth shard, but it would not break. It appeared darker than the ones he had broken, perhaps altered in chemical makeup because four had already been broken. He had no time to think, he had to get the fourth shard from inside the inferno before him.

    Aldren took his headwrap off of his head and wrapped his right hand in it. He removed his canteen from his belt and covered his wrapped hand in the water, which would evaporate before the flames engulfed his hand. Replacing the cap to his canteen and then it to his belt, he gripped the other shards in his left hand and readied himself. He burst into the pyre, feeling the flames reach up his legs, singing the hairs upon his limbs immediately. As quickly as possible he placed the shards into the wall and looked for the last one. He gulped and reached for it with his right hand, hearing the sizzling of the cloth as the water evaporated and the threads reddened from the heat. He grabbed it and shoved it into the slot just as his hand ignited in flames. The door slid open and he fell through it; behind him the other spoked orbs exploded and ignited the rest of the room in flames. He fell to the floor in the main room to the sound of distinct laughter. He rolled around and ripped the cloth off of his now partly burned hand.

    Aldren paused to regain his breath and relax. A new door was open this time, the one directly behind the statue with respect to the entrance to the temple. He looked at the exit. It was so appealing, so welcoming. Even the harsh desert sand whipping his face must be better than what he had endured so far and likely would yet endure. Still, he stood up and pressed on into the last of the chambers of the temple...
    No Target, Instant Cast.
    Creates 4 burning objects nearby Blankie. If these objects are not destroyed within 6 seconds, the entire area surrounding them is engulfed in a raging inferno that deals X damage per second for 8 seconds.
Level 1 Skill:
  • The Call

    Upon wings of belief you must soar,
    Be lost no more, follow his roar.
    Aldren gazed up towards the end of the dark hallway into which he had just entered. There were numerous paths, each splitting off from one into another and into yet more. Paths intertwined, underneath and above one another such that at any given position there might be four levels one could travel through. The message upon the floor in this room was clear, far more so than the other rooms. He now had a good idea of just what this phantom was that was haunting him throughout the temple. It was some avatar of the deity itself, helping him just enough so that he might suffer exactly what the specific room demanded. Only if he passed all of the tests, one, he suspected, for each brazier in the main room, would he be granted an audience -- or so he hoped -- with the God itself.

    He stepped forward and strained his ears. He heard nothing. Surprised, he strained harder. Still nothing. He was sure that there would be a clearly audible roar coming from a hallway that he was supposed to travel down... But no matter how long he waited and however closer he crept to the passages, nothing came to him. He cursed under his breath, the phantom menace had failed him, it wouldn't come to help him..

    He walked forward into one of the tunnels at random. He examined the wall to no avail, worried if he would be lost forever in the depths of the catacombs if he chose the incorrect path. As he was examining the wall, he noticed a strange pattern on the floor, it seemed to spell something...

    R O W R

    He blinked, dumbfounded by his stupidity. Who said a roar had to be a sound? It could be anything! The message only said to follow his roar, not the form it would take. He rushed forward into the hall past the writing and came to another fork, this time splitting into several different layers. Aldren looked at the entrances and immediately noticed an animal symbol above each of the passageways. One was a serpent, seeming to hiss; another was a falcon with its beak spread in a cry; the next was a lion, appearing to roar -- Aldren paused on the thought. None of the animals would roar as a a sound they made... Except the lion. He immediately began down the tunnel, deeper into the mists before him.

    He heard a giggle behind him and quickly snapped around, reaching for the sword that was no longer at his side. Fortunately, nothing was before him. Aldren let out a sigh of relief, fearing that one of these 'tests' would require him to fight some hideous beast along the way. Behind him in the way he was originally traveling was another fork, this time only splitting two ways. He turned to it and searched for a sign, but there was nothing. The walls and the floors were merely brick with no imprint or anything. Had he made a wrong decision when following the lion? Maybe the sound the animal made wasn't the clue? Aldren began sweating profusely, worried that he would have to pick one of the paths at random.

    Just then, it struck him like a ton of bricks. He turned around to the way he had come from and stared into the gray-blue fog before him inquisitively. He had heard a giggle behind him, a roar of sorts. Maybe... No, that wouldn't make sense. But... The message had told him to believe..

    He took a step into the fog. He continued retracing his steps. And then --
    Suddenly, he found a doorway with stone griffons on either side of the entrance. The great bird-like creatures pointed the tips of their far wings towards the door. Inside the door was the room with the dragon statue and the fourth brazier lit. Nothing made sense, there was no way that the labyrinth could have organized itself as it had... But... He had believed in the deity, and it had rewarded him with what appeared to be success...

    Aldren now approached the serpentine statue and gazed into its stony eyes. The braziers were all lit and he platter had returned to its original position before it. It was inviting, but he had no idea what to do. There was no message, but...
    No Target, Instant Cast.
    Blankie rowrs, gaining the attention of all nearby enemy and allied non-hero units. Affected units begin following Blankie around and enemy units caught by the spell cannot attack for the duration.
    Lasts 6 seconds.
The Hundred-Cookie Cave
  • The Den

    ...He looked around the room, carefully examining everything, searching for the next of the messages. There was nothing. No sounds, no direction, nothing. He looked back towards the braziers, each alight with red flames that seemed to burn without fuel or reason. They were inviting, but cold. The fires seemed to provide no heat whatsoever to the surrounding area; as a matter of fact, they seemed to pull heat out of the air and into themselves..

    Against all logic, he decided to try to put his right hand inside one of the flames. He had never felt a cold flame before, maybe it held the secrets to the next step... As his hand slid inside the flame, it became incredibly cold, nearly freezing his fingers into solid blocks of ice in the process. Aldren hastily retracted his hands just in time to breathe warm air upon them, bringing back the blood flow. The flames were of ice, it seemed, yet they glowed red. It made no sense...

    He took out his canteen and looked upon the what he considered unholy flames. If they were freezing, then he should be able to put out the flames with water. He poured water upon the brazier in front of him, not sure what to expect. To his great surprise, the flames seemed to freeze into a solid shape, the exact shape of the flame the second before it was frozen. Even more of a shock was the specific shape it froze into... It was in the shape of an 'R'...

    Repeating the process with the other braziers yielded a predictable result. In their final flickers, each of the flames froze to the shape of the other letters necessary to spell 'rowr.' As soon as Aldren had finished the last of the braziers, the entire statue seemed to shift and sink into the ground! He jumped back in surprise and braced himself against one of the room's walls while the ground shook and a staircase formed, leading deep under the ground beneath the temple. He hesitated as he stepped forward, but came up with the courage to press on. He hadn't come this far to simply turn back now..

    At the bottom of the staircase, there was another message --

    The hundred-cookie cavern you've found,
    Fear not! This is his home, deep under the ground.
    His jaw dropped at the thought. He'd found the lair of the God itself? Is that even possible? He had no clue, but curiousity pushed him further into the cave. The entire cave smelled surprisingly tasty, so much so that Aldren nearly gave into his gluttonous thoughts and took a bite out of a stalactite. The cavern was all but pitch black with the exception of a dull blue glow emanating from seemingly nowhere, playing with shadows on the far walls.

    Upon reaching the end of the cavern, he found himself at a loss for words --

    "Hi, human!" The blue, phantom creature before him spoke as he hopped up and down excitedly. It was roughly a foot and a half long and appeared to be covered in fur. It looked like a... Like a ferret. Aldren fell to his knees, astounded by what he had seen. The little impish creature that had been impeding and guiding him on his whole journey was in fact the deity itself. It wasn't some dragon, it wasn't some mythical creature, it was a ghostly ferret with immense power. It made so much sense, it almost hurt his head. This had been the patron saint of the Order of Secrets so long ago during the great war that left their capitol city in ruins...

    Aldren's eyes looked up from the floor to meet those of the inquisitive-looking ferret-ghost.

    "Show me your kingdom before it fell. Please."

    The ferret looked at him, seemingly content. His eyes seemed to look past Aldren, though... It leaped at him!! -- And through him. Aldren was stunned and turned around immediately. The creature was eating something that had fallen from the ceiling of the cave, in the shape of... A cookie..?

    The ferret turned to him and spoke again,
    "Okay, human! No one has visited me in a long time! I'll show you! I'll show you!" The ferret jumped upon Aldren's left shoulder and put a paw on his temple... And Aldren saw everything...
    No Target, Channeled.
    Cookies rain from the sky in a wide area, healing all allies nearby where they land for X life.
    Lasts 15 seconds.

  • Based upon Blankie, the ghostly ferret that used to host contests for us and sometimes visits the site still.
  • Told from the point of view of Aldren, a saber-wielding archaeologist in the world of the Second RP Tangent. The setting is hundreds of years after the fall of the Scar to the Army of Huron. He is seeking answers and has been looking for them for years, finally coming upon a ruined temple to an ancient deity, the one and only Blankie.
  • The hero would play as a screwball that messes with other players by forcing them to do things they don't want to and tricking them into helping him. He would have very low life, but would have high sustainability with his Devour and other skills.
  • I had a heck of a lot of fun making him. Probably the most typing I've done for any hero in a very, very long time.
  • Thanks for reading!
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