[D+] Alurei, Crystalis Disciple

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[D+] Alurei, Crystalis Disciple

Post by Oxygen » Wed Feb 06, 2008 7:31 pm

Yeah so, this is an entire remake ( except the theme, duh! ) of a hero which I had formely created for Age of Myths. Why am I mentioning that anyways?


Crystalis Disciple
Hallowed Order


Crystalis disciples are geomancers who have focussed their studies of earth and magic around crystals. Magically manipulating gems with deadly accuracy, Alurei fights against all evil that stains the world.

Level 1 Skill:
Crystal Beam
    Sends out a beam of light in a strait line, dealing X ( medium ) damage to enemies in the path and blinding them for Y ( medium ) seconds. If the beam hits a Crystal Mirror, it is stopped, but nearby enemy units start burning for Z ( medium ) seconds and nearby allied units ( not Alurei ) are set invisible for A ( medium ) seconds. Breaking the invisibility with an attack causes this attack to deal additional damage against a target suffering from a condition.

Level 1 Skill:
Crystal Mirror
    Creates a Crystal Mirror ward at a target location. Every X ( short ) seconds, an illusion of a random unit within the area is created. The illusion takes rather high damage, and deals weak damage. If the illusion is created from a unit that had a condition on him, ''his'' illusion's attacks will also inflict this condition. Enemy units that attack the mirror are maimed for Y ( medium ) seconds.

Level 1 Skill:
Prismatic Armor
    Passive. A prismatic armor protects Alurei, causing any damage taken to have X% ( low ) chance to cause him to turn invisible for Y ( low ) seconds, and any conditions taken to be reflected to the caster. Breaking the invisibility with an attack causes this attack to deal additional damage against a target suffering from a condition.

Level 6 Ultimate:
Alurei's Crystal of Binding
    Creates a Crystal of Binding ward at a target location. Enemy units nearby the crystal are crippled until they leave the area or destroy it, and ''magically bound'' to it, which means that if they leave the area, they will suffer severe damage.


Comments: Thought that light needed some creep power pushing a la Vertejaune. And because of the requirements, it'll also allow hallowed to have some blind & invisibility!

Hero Specifications & Requirements:

The hero must be a technical hero. I guess.
The hero must be for the Hallowed Order. Yes.
The hero must have some form of invisibility. Yes.
The hero must use Maim and/or Blind in some manner. Yes.
There are no requirements for primary attribute or role, but be reasonable. Reasonawhat?

Questions to Think About:

What does the Order need? It needed some creep control a la Vertejaune. Mirrors seemed like a pretty cool idea.
Is my hero overdone or cliche? I don't think.
Is my hero simple enough? Pretty.
Have I seen my hero's style elsewhere before? On the Age of Myths forums, and that was my own suggestion. So no.
Does it have enough condition interaction? A bit.
Is that condition interaction solid and appropriate for both team and solo settings? Sure.
Does my ultimate feel like it belongs as an ultimate? Sure.
Is my hero's ultimate useful no matter what skills the player picks for the hero? Yes.
Is my hero too passive? No.
Would my hero be fun to play? Yes!
Does my hero require skill to play effectively? Might require good aiming, good ward positioning and some luck.
Does my hero have too many click-shoot skills? No.
Does my hero have a defined role, theme, or style? Support harass.
Did I rush when I made my hero? No.
Do any skills feel filler? No.
Does everyone else seem to like it? I wouldn't know yet.
Does my hero have a retarded or meaningless title and/or name? No!
Would my hero fit into DoE? Sure.
Would I play my hero? Yes.
Would others? I have no idea, we'll find out right away.
Do I have an idea what my hero would look like? Any ideas for models? Some sort of caster, whiteish bloodmage would be nice. Look at the picture anyway.
Does my hero follow the correct format? Yes, except for this.
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Re: Alurei, Crystalis Disciple ''V.2.0.DoE''

Post by Steve » Wed Feb 06, 2008 9:34 pm


Use the code at the bottom.
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Re: Alurei, Crystalis Disciple ''V.2.0.DoE''

Post by Greenspawn » Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:51 pm

hmm. Interesting hero

I like the idea of a "Crystal", especially in the first skill. Should it actually hit the Crystal, all enemies nearby burn and, when they are attacked, they take bonus damage from invisible allies. It's a nice idea, but a little complex.

Can't criticize much about Crystal Mirror, although, again, it's a little complex.

Basically, all of your spells are a little complicated (except the ultimate).

It's a good idea for a hero, but issues with complexity could be addressed (i.e. not having so many effects from a single spell). I think I would play this hero, should it be accepted.
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Re: Alurei, Crystalis Disciple ''V.2.0.DoE''

Post by BD423 » Fri Feb 08, 2008 5:57 pm

good hero imo, i like the 1st skill and how u made it a nuke and support in one, even if its a lil complex.
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Re: Alurei, Crystalis Disciple ''V.2.0.DoE''

Post by Oxygen » Fri Feb 15, 2008 6:13 pm

BUMP because second page sucks!

No really though. I'd like to specify that this hero's abilities to deal damage should be extremely limited, because he is granted an extremely easy access to invisiblity and great support with any hero combo. I think he's pretty amazing

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Re: Alurei, Crystalis Disciple ''V.2.0.DoE''

Post by Rising_Dusk » Fri Mar 21, 2008 12:10 pm

  • General Pros:
    - Ult is cool
  • General Cons:
    - Oh God, what an ugly skin
    - 4 changing parameters in first skill is waaay too much, this isn't AoM
    - Second skill is relatively boring in contrast. It's way too reactive to what happens and could be easily ignored.
    - Third skill does way too much, just simply going invisible would have been enough
    - Hero does nothing productive with the invisibility, it's random and makes no sense with the hero
  • Final Thoughts:
    - The hero ultimately didn't feel like one that would have benefited from a passive
    - Needs more thought on how to combine invisibility with.. Whatever other ideas you had.
  • End Grade:
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