The Voices

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The Voices

Post by Hydrolisk » Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:15 am

I feel like I'm only visiting to post stuff like this. ;o


The Voices

“Set ablaze the land
with disease and pestilence.
Let death reign supreme
underneath the blackened sky
and above the rotting grounds.”

Such are the speeches
that the harrowing nights bring.
Yet when the sun is shining,
I still hear the woeful words
making the shadows deeper.

“The world atrophies,”
whispers the malicious one.
“Nothing but Chaos,”
chants the maddened reverend.
But there is one other voice.

The voice teaches me,
the screaming eyes shall be sewn
by the blinding light,
only the umbra of dusk
can cure you of the madness.

When all hope is lost
and the light of life fails you,
the darkness awaits
to embrace you forever
underneath the blackened sky.

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