Signature Rules

Here is where anyone who likes to make banners and the such would post. This includes banners for the site, a signature, or avatars for profiles. If you'd like a cool avatar or signature, feel free to ask for one here!
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Signature Rules

Post by shalnath » Tue Jan 15, 2008 11:40 pm

As a new rule for signatures, I will request that everyone keeps their signatures reasonably sized.

Use my signature's size for reference if you must.
This is being put into effect immediately, if signatures are too big in a couple of days I'll start deleting them on my own.
You might not like me deleting what you've put your time into creating, so I suggest you adjust them before then.

Also, as a future note.
No videos or movies are permitted in signatures.
They sap the shit out of our bandwidth, and I don't feel like having to pay more to keep this place online.

Thanks for your consideration!

~The Management
"Within every world, there are cultures, within every culture, there are groups, within every group, there are leaders. These leaders are not truly chosen, they are destined, it is their fate to lead, and it is this fate that drives them. Souls yearn to be driven, they in themselves can not direct, however, these leaders are predetermined, by whatever means, to guide the wills and mend the errors of these wandering souls. A forest, cold, cured, flawless, meticulous, and fearful, what drives it, what keeps the balance? The inner beings of all the co-existant creatures swarm together, and every one is guided by another, in more a cycle, then a hierarchy. The eyes of a forest are always watching and guiding, yet the sun never sets on the forest, and it never shall." ~ The Chaos Theory


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