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Vek'surak, the Mask of Insanity

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:41 pm
by pandamanar
Mask of Insanity
Intelligence | The Bane of Eternity

Level 1 Skill:
  • Area of Effect
    Curses all units within the AoE
    if the target is a unit : it gains +X health regeneration and armor.
    if the target is a Hero : it gains +X to all of its stats
    Theses buffs all last X seconds.
Level 1 Skill:
  • Unit Target
    Replaces this skill with one of this target's level 1 skills and disables their ability. This lasts X seconds or until the stolen skill is cast, after which the skill is given back and both this skill and the stolen skill start their cooldowns. This stolen skill costs a set amount, no matter its original value.
Level 1 Skill:
Barbed Thought
  • Toggled Passive
    While active, this Hero's Intelligence is set to 1 and its original value is translated into an attack damage bonus. X points of Intelligence are translated into +1 attack damage that lasts as long as this is toggled on. When toggled off, this Hero gains his mana back. If this Hero's intelligence changes while this is active, this skill takes the change into account.
Level 6 Elite Skill:
  • No Target Self Buff
    If this Hero is attacked by another Hero whose primary attribute is greater than this Hero's, then this Hero gains +X of that stat over the next Y seconds until it is equal with his attacker's stat. If more than one Hero with the same main attribute is attacking this Hero at one time, the Hero with the greatest attribute is used. Once this Hero's stat is equal to his attacker's, this buff begins a lingering duration of X seconds after which it then begins to fade away over a small duration. If the attacker stops attacking for 4 seconds, the stat gain stops, beginning its lingering duration prematurely.
Level 11 Ultimate:
We Are One
  • Unit Target
    This Hero leaves physical existence and resides within the mind of his target. This target gains +X% of all of this Hero's attributes as either attribute bonuses (if the target is a Hero) or stat bonuses (for the stats that the attributes effect, such as mana for intelligence and health for strength). This Hero is able to cast all of his spells through this host, causing all of his skills to use his host, or its position, instead of him without actually effecting the unit's commands. This Hero has no control over his host. Every second that this spell is under effect, this Hero is healed for X. When cast, this spell is replaced by Goodbye, which, when cast, causes this Hero to come back into physical being at his target's position.
My first attempt at an AotZ hero. Thoughts?

Re: Vek'surak, the Mask of Insanity

Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:30 am
by Intoxicated Crayon
I dunno, the hero seems fine and the idea of a guy imitating over heroes stats and such but...

At the moment, he doesn't really seem to have his own identity and I understand that is what seems to be the theme. The hero is centered more around stat changes which is cool and all and allows for possibilities... But note that, heroes are now suggestions for Aot3* and such. Would this hero do good in such an environment where mana isn't really all that important since it regens so quickly?

For Aot2 it'd still be fine, I just find a hero entirely tied with intelligence and other stats is kind of boring to play and doesn't have a real sense of epic to it.

What really bothers me is mimicry. As a normal skill, the ability to steal a skill or copy, whatever, is kind of powerful at any level. It's really... Luck oriented and unfortunate since... You have 3 skills to copy and what if, per say, you get a skill like Scamp's Mentus Oppressum or a lame passive that doesn't help your hero? Will there be all this extra codes and blah blah just so said hero can use every single heroes Level 1 skills?

His Ultimate is also a bit iffy. Fusing with another hero? lol. Well, I just found it a bit weird but it could be cool.

Just my thoughts, besides the fact that the hero relies on other heroes to do stuff, I'm sure he could be somewhat fun to play. He'd cause a lot of chaos if Mimicry worked out the sheer random of his some of his other skills.

I found it really creative and cool for your first AotZ hero. Although, it's not my judgment that really matters, is it?

*If Aot3 suggestions are even being accepted. dunno.

Re: Vek'surak, the Mask of Insanity

Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 7:46 am
by pandamanar
Mmm... well yes. You caught me. I completely forgot about AoTZ's new mana system... But I might be able to tweak this guy to fit after talking to Dusk for a bit. Thanks for pointing that out :]

Oh, and it is totally your judgment that matters! I appreciate anyone's comments and suggestions. If I only wanted Dusk to read it, I'd PM it to him. :]