Kyara Katrina, "Morning Storm"

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Kyara Katrina, "Morning Storm"

Post by storyteller912510 » Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:01 pm

Hello, I’m new. I’ve designed heroes before, but none of them were much good. However, I still like designing heroes, so I will continue to do so. I hope you’ll bear with me.
First things first – I have played wc before, but no longer own the game. The only custom AoS map I have any experience with is ToB, and not much even there. I have never even seen, let alone have ever played, a game of AotZ. So, you’ll have to cut me some slack on some things, such as knowing what type of heroes already exist, what type of skills are expected, etc.
Here are some things that I wish to clarify: for 3.xx, I’ve seen that heroes have 3 basic, 1 elite, and 1 ultimate, and only the ultimate uses mana. I also thought I saw that the heroes start out with lvl 1 for all the normal skills… I just kind of wanted to confirm this. If there’s a general amount of health/mana each type of hero has, I’d like to know that as well.
With that said, I present my first hero.

Kyara Katrina
“Morning Storm”
Intelligence/???(Sorry, but I don’t know the sides)

Story: --- (None to speak of, as of the moment. She’s a “Spirit of Storms”. Kind of generic, but hey)

Level 1 Skill:
  • Activated Passive. As Kyara levitates about, she emits small waves of wind. Units not used to fighting with the turbulence occasionally lose balance between waves. Every x sec, each unit/hero (excluding self) within y AoE area of Kyara has z% chance to become interrupted. Any commands to controllable units (such as move, attack, use skill, etc.) given prior to interruption is also negated.
Level 1 Skill:
Tyrant Typhoon
  • Active. Kyara manipulates the wind around her, creating a tornado up to x AoE away from her. It moves towards the position where Kyara cast the spell. The tornado does y damage to any unit that it passes. The first unit/hero that gets caught in the tornado, friendly or hostile, will be carried by the tornado until it disappears. No other units are carried.
Level 1 Skill:
  • Summoning. Hurricanine is a unique wolf created from ancient sorcery of the Spirits that follows Kyara faithfully. Only one Hurricanine can be summoned. Hurricanine has 600 sec duration. Hurricanine is invincible but attackable and has a fast, low damage attack. Whenever Hurricanine is hit, its duration is shortened by 8 sec. Hurricanine is unaffected by Turbulence.
Level 6 Elite:
Monsoon Madness
  • Activated AoE. Kyara summons a circle of tornadoes to protect her. Summons a number of tornadoes that spin in a relatively tight circle around Kyara. Any unit or hero, friendly or hostile, inside the circle or that touches the circle is pushed away from the center, and takes x damage (I prefer that this damage be large). Kyara cannot be selected as an attack target while activated. Kyara’s movement while this aura is activated is slowed by y% (this percentage should be very high). This lasts z sec. This skill has a long cool down.
Level 11 Ultimate:
Dragon’s Nest
  • Activated, Channeled AoE. Kyara creates the "Dragon’s Nest" – a destructive center of low pressure. Casting Dragon’s Nest requires 2 seconds. All units and heroes that enter or are in the area lose movement and are slowly dragged towards Kyara, while taking x damage over time. The damage x each unit/hero receives differs and is inversely proportional to the distance between Kyara and the unit/hero.
Personal Notes: Kyara doesn’t really have a defined role, which you might dislike. If anything, she’s a hero who annoys other players by making them unable to move as they wish (interrupt, carry, push, pull. Only Hurricanine doesn’t fit the description there).
The focus of the skills would, I guess, be Monsoon Madness. Using Dragon’s Nest and/or Tyrant Typhoon can bring units/heroes to you so that you can blast them back with Monsoon Madness. Monsoon Madness can also act as a defensive shield, as while it’s activated, she can’t be attacked or targeted for single-target spells. On the other hand, since she’s slowed, she’s more susceptible to AoEs.
All skills Kyara has with the exception of Hurricanine affect both foes and friends. Therefore, player will have to be careful where and when he/she uses the skills.
It’s one of those heroes that I’ve been developing over a period of time, so I thought I might give it another shot for my first hero here.
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Re: Kyara Katrina, "Morning Storm"

Post by Hydrolisk » Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:40 am

YOU. Hello. YOU. Please use a hero template. Edit this DoE Hero template to match AotZ's requirements.

And reading through your initial comments, I do not think I need to include further comments of my own.

Welcome to the boards!

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