Aot2 Series Final Update

This is where all random discussion about AotZ goes. If it doesn't feel like it fits anywhere else but is still related to the map, this is the place to post it.
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Re: Aot2 Series Final Update

Post by pandamanar » Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:23 pm

Add a pooling function to automatically pool your gold to selected ally?
That would definitely help me since I spend half my time sending gold to my team-leader for Heroes and such.
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Re: Aot2 Series Final Update

Post by Kurogamon » Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:10 pm

Hold ctrl or alt, I forget which to send 100 at a time, unless you already do that.
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Re: Aot2 Series Final Update

Post by Oxygen » Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:19 pm

If Scamp is inside a creep, through using oppresum, then gets knockbacked through Zhall's eviscerate, the creep will lose its attack speed bonus.

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Re: Aot2 Series Final Update

Post by hawk » Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:34 am

KD's moon meteors changed to ~80% slow.

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Re: Aot2 Series Final Update

Post by Cecil » Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:26 am

Kurogamon wrote:Scamp gives vision of creeps?
Scamp is S tier.

But yes, not only Scamp, but the whole Bane team gains vision of every everything that is Order, except player-owned units.

EDIT: while using ultra, Bane may also gain vision of controlled unit, meaning vision of everything on the map, unless it's invisible through means of a rune.
Also Dusk, towers already die quick, and workers use is limited in a game with even decent players.
On workers: there is more than enough ways to rush and kill workers that are repairing. The ease of killing a worker that is repairing is easy, with escaping only a little less easy. You can't hide a worker from Bane (this is just a comment on AotZ now, due to Scamp rendering Order worker's useless outside of main-base-repairment). Points:
Worker Pros
- Good at keeping main base alive & repaired, though in some cases, two may be needed to be effective.
- ...

Worker Cons
- Cost. 500g a piece. Each player can only have a small amount (which is usually the most you should have, but still). On top of this, there's a cooldown, which while theoretically makes sense, doesn't in the flawed system of workers.
- Repair rate. Very, very slow. It's hardly noticeable unless you have two repairing at once. They're so !#(*!@# slow that they won't pull a base being rushed from death, if you hire them and send them (even top expansion!) A.S.A.P. Not to mention the freaking INSANEEE cost, due to needing two to pull a tower back to safety in good time, it costs GOLD to repair.
- Low hp. One nuke+a single attack is what it takes to bring down the average worker. They're so slow that you can't really dodge anything that's oncoming anyway. So overall, he's not going to be doing much repairing unless your team's on the offensive.
- Low armor. Adds to problems of Low hp. ^(see Low hp).
- Low move speed. They take forever to get outside of your base, or even to the gates to repair an oncoming strike (which can be done quick enough where there isn't time to repair if well coordinated). Worst of all, they take FOREVER to get somewhere. You're FU***D if either base gets rushed, or even a siege is very apparent. Worse even, is that you can't get them from base to base--this takes SO long in fact, that you're best off having one for each base. In other words, you need workers in spots before things even go down, and/or before you KNOW what's going down.
- * Special: to Order, Scamp's 'all-vision' renders them practically useless, outside of main base repair-ment (in which case the game is already in Bane's heavy favor unless they've lost a base and a half). Did I mention he can possess them.

Worker suggestions, relative to AotZ versions similar to the current one. Suggestions as follows, no particular order:
- more armor
- more move speed
- a spell that increases move speed for X amount of time with a fairly long cooldown. This is probably my top suggestion, disregarding cost/repair-rate
- repair-rate is sh*t. this alone, all other negatives aside make them too much of a liability/risk purchasing. on an unimportant note, they're also not pub-friendly. so increase repair-rate, even by a little bit.
- also make them cheaper, in ADDITION to repair rate, (doesn't have to be by much, 100g makes them sound approachable)
- tad more move speed, if no ability is given
- Note: numbers can change. // Spell Type: . "Fervor". Repair-rate increased by 50%, but takes X damage per second. Lasts for 6 seconds.

On Hired-hero viability: Furthermore, little to no hired heroes are viable. For Bane, Zhall for example (if it comes down to it) can easily get in and Terra Firma-kazi all ye living. To stop this, you don't have much--Scamp's mind controll, and even that can be fought. There's also Mago, who is probably the only bet. This makes flying (Torpors) a must, practically, on expansions, and Seeker's about the only thing that's going to live.
We won't even get into Solana & Company *cough* Dins *cough* vs Hired Heroes.

The longevity of an AotZ session, with an average-skilled playe roster on both teams is largely what makes it AotZ. People that don't like that will play DoE.

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Re: Aot2 Series Final Update

Post by SetaSoujirou » Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:24 pm

Hey lets work on aot3

Zhall eats flying heroes too. Please play the game before giving philosophical insight that you aren't even sure of.

The game is offense, towers do jack. Don't repair, not worth it. All your damage to towers is done by HEROES. This is not DoE, you will not watch your creeps defeat bases while you play defense.

And scamp is fail tier.
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