Rikash, The Eccentric Doctor

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Rikash, The Eccentric Doctor

Post by legolaptop » Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:40 am

The Eccentric Doctor
Int; Bane of Eternity.

“Don’t worry. I was the top of my class at the academy.”
“How big was your class?”
“Well, it was originally twelve, but I was the only one left by the end.”
“What happened to the others?”
“We ran out of cadavers.”

“This will only hurt.”
Level 1 Skill:
Rusted Scalpel
  • Target Unit, Buff
    Deals x physical damage to target unit, extends Maim for 5 seconds. If target unit is an ally it deals half x instead. The target unit is then healed y per second as long as it is suffering from a condition. Cool-down 5 seconds.
    Each level increases the value of x and y.
“Stay here, away from our food. I don’t want anyone else catching a bad case of stupidity. ”
Level 1 Skill:
Quarantine Zone
  • AOE Indicator
    All affected units are healed for x and have Cripple extended by 5 seconds. Cool-down 7 seconds.
    Each level increases range and the value of x.
"Do me a favor... DIE!"
Level 1 Skill:
Bite the Arrowhead
  • Passive
    Whenever a nearby enemy suffers from a condition, Rikash deals x damage to it.
    Each level increases the value of x.
"I only meant much harm."
Level 6 Ultimate:
Oath Breaker
  • Toggle
    Whenever any nearby foes gain life, they are dealt damage equal to x% of the amount healed.
    Each level increases the value of x.

Hi guys, this is my first hero. I thought of the Ultimate one day and designed this hero around it. He's a support hero trying to heal his allies with Rusted Scalpel and Quarantine Zone and becoming more resilient with Bite the Arrowhead. He then switches roles when his Ultimate comes in becoming a creep killer. I tried to include conditions in this hero but I haven't played DoE too much so I'm not quite sure if this would be good enough or not enough. I don't really know the full effects of each condition but I think I know what each one generally does. Also my naming scheme is weird and I couldn't think of a better name for the hero. I asked my friend what a cool name was and he gave me this so... xD
  • Rusted Scalpel
  • This is Rikash's main attack. X should be more than y times 5. Meaning that the total amount healed by this spell alone without any other conditions would heal an enemy less than the amount of damage dealt to it. The total amount healed by this spell against allies would be more than what this spell would damage it for. This might have some synergy with Quarantine Zone because it extends Cripple so you could heal your allies for longer or deal your enemies for more IF you have your ultimate.
  • Quarantine Zone
  • This is Rikash's main support spell. It heals your allies if they're too low but it cripples them. If you somehow lose all your creeps and are being chased by a horde of angry Order members, you can cripple them but you heal them. It's kind of a compromise for being able to do two things. It has, as I said earlier, a bit of synergy with Rusted Scalpel to increase the total amount healed.
  • Bite the Arrowhead
  • If you can't already tell, Bite the Arrowhead is a play on the phrase "Bite the Bullet". Yea... It's lame. Also I kind of feel like this ability is tacked on. The only way it's super effective on this hero alone is with Quarantine Zone. It's an ability that most people would choose last no matter how you slice it. I can't really think of a better ability but I think it's pretty good for what it does right now. If you have any suggestions... Please put them below.
  • Oath Breaker
  • This is Rikash's double take move. It basically changes all of Rikash's healing moves to damage moves to enemies. This is the main reason I made this hero and I really like the ability. The x percentage should be pretty big, I think, about 150 to start with.
Change Log

"Do me a favor... DIE!"
Level 1 Skill:
Bite the Arrowhead
  • Passive
    X% of all damage dealt to Rikash is instead dealt to each nearby foe suffering a condition.
    Each level increases the value of x.
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Re: Rikash, The Eccentric Doctor

Post by Phox » Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:59 pm

It's generally not a good idea to hit your allies with conditions, particularly cripple and mute. It just makes it too easy to accidentally mess up their game.

I actually really like Bite the Arrowhead, though. It seems a little misplaced on this hero, but it's a cool move.

EDIT: Here's a list of conditions:
Bleed: Does 10 damage per second
Blind: Gives a 75% chance to miss
Burn: Does 20 damage per second
Cripple: Reduces movement by 50%
Maim: Reduces attack speed by 50% and attack damage by 50%
Mute: Silences
Ruin: Reduces armor by 10

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Re: Rikash, The Eccentric Doctor

Post by legolaptop » Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:42 am

Excuse my grammar, I tend to make a lot of run-ons and things like that. :> Price of teh internets
First of all, thanks for putting up a list of conditions. I'm pretty sure they were on the site somewhere but I just couldn't find them. :D

I like Bite the Arrowhead very much as well. I know it's very weird on this hero though. The first thought that came to my mind was that this hero would be fragile while being high in intelligence. So I came up with this ability to make the hero a bit more durable. But now that it's the weekend and I've been able to clear the stress of the week with a nap or two xD, I can think of a few more ways that this could be changed.

So instead of redirecting health, which in my opinion is pretty cool, it would just deal direct damage. Something along the lines of:
  • Passive
  • Whenever a nearby foe is inflicted with a condition, it is dealt x damage.
I asked my friend about this and he said that it would suck for the Order members if Atrius on the doctor's side since the sandstorm continually applies Blind every second. Or if the doctor was playing with Exuro and his ultimate xD.

I was also looking through a lot of the Hero suggestions and I saw Hector, Rising_Dusk's Exalted hero, with Smite. Removing a condition and dealing damage to nearby enemies and then dealing three times as much damage along with a few seconds of ruin if a condition was removed. I could add a skill similar to that, but I rather have a passive skill otherwise he would look a little too point and click. I'm not sure about that though.

I agree that heroes shouldn't put conditions on their own allies. But I kind of like it, it makes your more cautious and sparing with your Skills. I know a hero shouldn't be like that in DoE, but I wanted to be unique (although I'm not sure if something similar was done before).

I was just thinking of putting conditions in terms of your own creeps and I wasn't thinking too much about including allied heroes. Crippling and Maim would suck on your own allies but I was hoping that a pretty decent mass healing would justify that. Perhaps not.

The reason why I choose Maim and Cripple is that it seemed like the best choices at that time. I choose Cripple first for the second skill, which I kind of like for a situation which I said earlier to make the enemies slow down if they're chasing your or something. And that's only one situation I can think of that it would be Ok in. Maybe I could do like a cauterize heal thing so it would burn instead of cripple. That might work. The reason why I chose not to put any other conditions on the first skill is that Mute, Ruin might be too much (I'm not sure though), Blind just didn't seem right (it's too much for your allies to be missing their attacks I think and also it doesn't make sense to Blind things when you're "healing" them with a scalpel), Burn and Bleed wouldn't work too well if you had healing per second. I don't think it would be right to Burn/Bleed things while healing them per second. It's just weird although Bleed would go well thematically with Rusted Scalpel. So I was stuck, so to say, with Maim and Cripple.

I could use some suggestions on how I should alter the skills to work without applying conditions to allies or with a different selection of conditions.

My main points when creating this hero was to make it work well with the ultimate but not look like it was forced and also to make it work well in the DoE world where some form of condition interaction would be cool.

The first skill could just be a damage skill that applies a condition but then it wouldn't have anything to do with the ultimate, which is fine but not as fun as I think it could be. The second skill could just be mass cauterize with either bleed/burn but that'd be weird and somewhat unoriginal I think... Or I could just have it do a mass healing and if foes are healed then they have a condition inflicted upon them? What do you think? The third one was just something I had to come up with during a stressful school week. I like the newer one better, the one mentioned in this post earlier. It works with the DoE world and, if the hero applies conditions with the first two skills, it works well with the hero as a whole.

Sorry for the huge block of text. D:

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