Perios, the Immutable Oath

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Perios, the Immutable Oath

Post by TheDeathstalker » Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:55 pm

The Immutable Oath
Strength; Hallowed Order.

Words have power. We all know this, and acknowledge it to some extent, but it's truth is often lost to us. Well, gather round, and hear the tale of Perios, a man who swore by these very grains of sand between our toes to defend a land long forgotten, and uphold a city long since buried. For you see, this man's land is no more, his city but dust, and his oath, now his curse. The details are lost to time, but this we know, that these sands took a most terrible vengeance upon Perios, transforming him, bit by bit into a weapon of their own design, so that he might have the strength to keep the next words he might speak. Legend says he still walks these dunes to this day, silently seeking redemption.

Level 1 Skill:
  • Self Targeted Instant
    Deals X Physical damage and cripples nearby foes for Y seconds. For every condition Perios suffers, he is knocked down for .25 seconds, and the damage and cripple dealt by Tremble are increased by Z%
Level 1 Skill:
  • Targeted Summon
    Perios calls an ancient pillar from the earth, which shoots up at target location, dealing X physical damage and crippling those struck by it. So long as it stands, every second it deals Y (light) magick damage and applies 1 second of Ruin to nearby foes.
Level 1 Skill:
  • Active
    Deals X magick damage and blinds units in an arc (~45 degree segment of a circle, with a middle at the clicked point). Additionally, the terrain there (in the arc) cannot be traversed by crippled units for Y seconds.
Level 6 Ultimate:
  • Transformation
    Perios moves X% faster and gains a trample attack, which is to say any units he walks through take Y physical damage and are knocked slightly back. While in this form, if stunned or knocked down, he will continue to travel in the direction he was moving. Additionally, his pillars gain the ability "Ruined", which, when used causes them to fall in a targeted direction, dealing Z physical damage to any units they strike and knocking down crippled units.
1) Whoo new hero.
2) So, I'm sure there's plenty I'm missing, as I'm rusty at this, but he's basically a big, scary rock thing, that's gonna crush ya if you let it get close enough to, but if you're craftier than he is, you'll probably be able to get away. Or if you're Dagg.
3) Tremble is meant to be either his nuke, saved for late enough in a fight to go "blammo" with it, or his initiator, used to cripple someone well enough to go ape on them. I intend for Z to be a rather large percentage, so you can just whomp on someone if the stars align for it.
4) Rise, meanwhile fits into however you wanna play him, either trying to nail someone with the small AoE cripple shot, or just dropping them as debuffers (ruiners), or, I suppose, integrating them into some crazy shit with their active, Ruined (from the Ult, not sure if it should be there or just in the skill itself, honestly).
5) Shift I had a hard time coming up with, and while it works, and could be used close for a small block, or far away for a larger one (it's a 45 degree arc with the center being him, so a longer shot has a bigger area, but possibly less useful as you have few means to cripple that far away. I'm still not sure if I like it, but it's there
6) Unfeigned is basically my "lesson learned" from Rawwk. It's a scary scary ult that's basically Moove, and gives him an option to cleverly use Tremble late fight, while leaving himself far less vulnerable.
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Re: Perios, the Immutable Oath

Post by 2-P » Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:57 pm

Tremble: 3 variables are too much imo and the Z% feels like it should be a fixed value anyway. You already increase damage and cripple every level, no need to increase the bonus factor as well.

Rise: Physical damage + cripple+ magickal damage + ruin. That's just too much! Either the over-time effect or the instant effect, but both together in one skill seems like overkill.
I mean a ranged aoe cripple by itself is already pretty darn good.

Shift: I like the idea of the spell and it even makes sense and all, that's cool. I'm just not so sure how big of a factor the unpathable area makes. I mean it only affects crippled units and they are already pretty darn slow to begin with (75% less?).

Unfeigned: Adding an ability to the statues with an ult feels messy. Don't think that this would work out ingame. I mean you'd have to select them and then order them to fall into a certain direction...
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