Syrea, the Null and the Void

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Syrea, the Null and the Void

Post by TheDeathstalker » Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:38 am

The Null and the Void
Bane of Eternity; Agility.

Tales of both this world ad it's dark twin tell of the Nulls, individuals who, by the same mysterious means that those with Magickal talents accrue power, reject it. "A Perfect Null," they called her sister, the greatest gift happenstance had ever delivered unto her Lord Vertejaune. Syrea watched as her sister was pampered and hailed, treated as royalty while the rest of her family died in the slums. She watched, waited, and planned for years until she found the flaw in her sister's perfection, a well placed blade to the base of her skull as she wandered the pale gardens of her sanctuary.

It turns out, however, that a Null's power survives the host, the strange non-energies having soaked deep into their bones, changing them forever. Syrea was the fateful discoverer of this phenomenon after taking her sister's spine as a trophy, only to find it a more than suitable weapon.

When the Bane punched a hole into the Void, Syrea watched as the blade, upon crossing the threshold, became something more, something that denied not only magic, but the very threads of space and time, her firm grasp its only remaining tie to this world. A sharptoothed smile broke across her face, the kind that Banennites would be known so fondly for in the war to come. It was now her that was unique, precious, special unto her Lord, a position she would die to keep.

Level 1 Skill:
Ride The Lightning
  • Single Ally Buff
    Passively increases the movespeed of buffed unit by X. If they cast a projectile spell, Syrea blinks to 'ride' the spell, traveling along with it and increasing its speed by Y% and applying Mute to any foe damaged by the spell. Buff lasts until activated or for Z(probably static) seconds.
Level 1 Skill:
  • Target Point
    Teleports to targeted point, nullifying the space she bypasses, draining X mana from struck foes. If any foes were suffering from Mute, the effect is doubled and the mana combusts, dealing an equal amount of Magickal damage to the opponent's health.
Level 1 Skill:
Farside Foxtrot
  • Preparation
    The next attack you make deals X additional Magickal damage and teleports you and your opponent Y(~200?) distance in the direction you are facing. This skill costs no mana to use, and has no cooldown, but upon dealing damage, either drains Z mana, or if you have less than that much mana, you are Muted for a few seconds.
Level 6 Ultimate:
  • 'Summon'
    Creates a Rift at your location. Rifts deal a light Magical damage to any foes nearby and make it so that their conditions cannot expire while within some range of the Rift. Upon creating a second rift, Syrea can travel instantaneously between the two, so long as they both still exist. Creating a third rift closes the first. Rifts have X health (immune to physical damage) and last Y seconds.
Rising_Dusk wrote:Quantum as a theme for a hero is awful. It feels totally obligatory, as if you were just looking for a scarcely known concept with which to tie a mass of teleport skills to. Did you ever actually consider the play-flow of the hero? Just think through a typical hero battle he would undergo and you'll see that he is not only counterproductive, but repetitive. If you want to take a serious stab at 4 blinks, you're going to need to try harder than this.
Here's trying harder...

I'm not 100% happy with Rift, mainly because it sounds way too wordy, even though it's stupidly straightforward to use. Lay it down, use it as a gateway to wherever else you need to be, etc. I also don't like how Rift has jack shit to do with the other skills, which seem to dance with eachother fairly nice, especially if you have an ally capable of catapulting you at a foe.

For Ride the Lightning, I imagine any spell that actually has a projectile that travels to fulfil the requirements, most epic of which would be Malth's Ult, followed shortly by Edge of Desolation. For Genobee's spikes, I figure it would just pick a spike and follow it, either that or just not work.

Anyways, here's hoping it works out better than the last 4 blink hero.
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All broken and beaten and scarred,
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