Benson, the Bounty Hunter

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Benson, the Bounty Hunter

Post by Pigger » Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:27 am

Bounty Hunter
Agility; Hallowed Order

Level 1 Skill:
Take Aim
  • Channeling (Target Location)
    Fires an arrow at the target location after channeling, dealing physical damage and causing the unit to bleed. The arrow flies faster and causes bleed to last longer the longer the spell is channeled. Has a long range and short cooldown.
Level 1 Skill:
Tag 'em
  • Active Target
    Mark's the target, for every X damage Benson does to the target ruin is extended on the target as well as increasing Benson's movement speed.
Level 1 Skill:
Bag 'em
  • Target Location
    Places a single trap, upon activation it explodes, dealing X magickal damage, crippling and causing moving enemies to have bleed extended on them for every second spent moving. Only one trap may be placed at a time.
Level 6 Ultimate:
Reel 'Em In
  • Passive (Preparation)
    Every time Benson inflicts a condition, his next attack will pull with X intensity over 6 seconds and deals X extra damage and causes bleed. Max Z bonus. Has a 10 second cooldown.

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