Benin, The Desert Oasis

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Benin, The Desert Oasis

Post by Intoxicated Crayon » Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:33 am

The Desert Oasis
Intelligence; Hallowed (I'd prefer that he'd have no attack)

Story: "Ages ago, this grand acre, was a thriving realm that I once dwelled. Now, the seeds of war have tainted my garden and have left scars upon my creation, awakened I must return to my duties and once again make the Exile what it had once been..."

Innate: - AoE Effect
Conjure Spring
  • Benin conjures a spring of water at the target area. The AoE is X + Benin's Level(Y). The spring grants Z+ to allies who enter it and cripple foes who enter it for G seconds. Springs last K seconds.
Level 1 Skill: - Convert Spring
  • Benin reverses the effects of a target spring. The spring converts into a dead patch of hot rock and sand. Increases the attack speed of allies within the area. Foes who enter burn for X seconds. Periodically extends cripple on foes suffering from conditions within the dead area. Withered areas last for % of the spring's remaining duration.
Level 1 Skill: - Passive
  • Benin's presence commands the dead and living to rise to fight for his cause. Foes that die within a spring release a small wave dealing low damage. Foes that die within a Withered land release a fiery tremor, extending burn on foes for X seconds and dealing low damage. Foes that die in a Withered Land or spring have an X% to summon an Elemental.

    Fire Elemental
    Deals low damage and extends burn on foes that it attacks. Lasts for X seconds. Releases a small firestorm on death.

    Water Elemental
    Deals low damage. Increases the HP regen of nearby allies. Releases a small tidal wave on death.
Level 1 Skill: - Target
  • Benin destroys the target spring or withered land. Destroying a spring realeases a tidal wave, healing allies for X damaging foes for X(2). Destroying a Withered Land releases a small fire storm, increasing the attack speed of allies and extending burn on enemies. Elementals can be targeted by this and the effects are a weaker version of the type of land they correspond to.
Level 6 Ultimate: - Activated Passive
  • Benin begins to disperse his magic out towards his creations. The effects of springs and withered land are boosted along with the power of elementals. While active, allies are periodically healed with a splash of water and enemies have burn extended on them by X seconds. Drains mana while active and cripples all burnt foes in range for Y when deactivated. Passively grants Benin extra mana regen while unactive.
I guess I tried my best on this hero. I incorporated an innate to the best of my ability and I hope this doesn't seem forced. Water heroes are missing from DoE for obvious reasons but I wanted to see if I could pull off something cool. I like the synergy of the innate with the rest of the skills but I don't want it to seem to forced. I prefer that Benin would not have an attack and would use the land as a weapon instead. He can heal with springs or burn with withering lands. He can summon masses of elementals that be exploded just like springs and withered lands. The ultimate seems to be too much like filler so I'll try and think up a new thing perhaps cause all springs, withered, elementals to release shockwaves and one main shockwave from benin!? lol. (Some comments would be nice this time)

Hope you all like this one,

~Intoxicated Crayon
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Re: Benin, The Desert Oasis

Post by Rising_Dusk » Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:25 pm

The skill descriptions are a bit long. I also don't like how so many skills have double effects. It makes his role too broad.
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