Minu, The Echoing Blade

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Minu, The Echoing Blade

Post by Intoxicated Crayon » Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:55 pm

The Echoing Blade[Edit; I notice the amount of blades lol... I guess I'll find a new name soon?]
Agility; Bane


Level 1 Skill: - Preparation
  • Minu's next X attacks cause him to attack twice(or Z) for Y% of his damage. If he attacks a foe with conditions, they are extended by Z% of their duration.
Level 1 Skill: - AoE Effect
  • Minu silences a targeted area and deals X damage. Units who are 'hushed' are muted for Y seconds when they cast a spell or when Minu hits them. (Minu mutes them for Y/3 seconds)
Level 1 Skill: - Passive
  • Every X seconds, Minu damages foes in range for Y damage plus (Z x Number of Units Range suffering from Conditions). Extends the duration of conditions on hushed units.
Level 6 Ultimate: - Activated Passive
  • When activated, all foes in range are muted for X when they attack(Does not stack). Whether activated or not, Minu's attacks deal extra damage to those suffering from conditions. Drains mana while active.
A sound hero :O. I made one a long while back and made another! I tried to have some synergy with conditions and 'hush' but all the skills aren't useless just because you don't this other skill. Hush could also be a ward that periodically 'hushes' units in range and deals small damage. Quell might be a bit overpowered but that's why it only mutes. It could also mute Minu but I didn't do that since he doesn't use conditions that are on himself and muting himself would disable his passive and skills that makes his ultimate even more useful. The condition extending on reverb might be a bit overpowered since it might create a perma-reverb. It could be easily avoided if the % is low enough that it doesn't increase it by a second so if 2 seconds pass, reverb might have force enemies to suffer their condition for another second? Echo is a good dps move and irritates foes with their conditions. I don't think anything is too forced and I like the name synergy.
I hope you all like this hero and I hope I've made some improvement x x.

~Intoxicated Crayon
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