Karoline Iritius the Purgatory

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Karoline Iritius the Purgatory

Post by Deschain » Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:34 pm

Karoline Iritius
INT; Bane.

Idea: Caster that denies condition interaction. It had no point so far but with new heroes exploiting and inflicting conditions on themselves.

Level 1 Skill:
  • Active.
    All units in PBAoE lose their conditions. Enemy units are immobilized and muted for X+A*N seconds. Where N is number of conditions unit was suffering and A is a constant. Immobilization slowly wears off over time. Cooldown > X+A*N.
Level 1 Skill:
Remember your Sins
  • Buff. Target unit.
    Whenever target unit suffers from condition it doesn't. All the conditions that this buff absorbed are added and extended on target unit when it expires. Allies suffer X% less duration and enemies suffer X% more duration than they should. Short duration but shorter cooldown.
Level 1 Skill:
  • Passive. While you suffer from no conditions you deal bonus magical damage and conditions other units inflict upon you is reduced by X%.
Level 6 Ultimate:
Cascading storm
  • Active.
    Deals X magic damage to enemies in target AoE indicator. Each affected unit that isn't ruined is inflicted with 2 seconds ruin and causes another Cascading storm that deals A% less damage (with a 2 sec delay).
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