VZ Code of Conduct

The constitution of Clan Valor & Zeal broken up into posts for the casual visitor.
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VZ Code of Conduct

Post by Rising_Dusk » Sat Dec 15, 2007 4:34 pm

People achieve the rank of Administrator by appointment by the rest of the admins. Once they are appointed and designated Administrators, they will be added to the commands and they will become moderators of every forum. This rank holds VERY high standards of both authority, justice, and diplomacy. Things to do while this representative of the clan are exampled below.
  • Don't instigate arguements, always keep conversations clean, smooth, and unoffensive.
  • Post somewhat frequently on the forums, and let your presence be known. If your going on a vacation, post it in the forums.
  • Play games frequently with other clan members, take it upon yourself to meet new recruits if you haven't already, and treat everyone with respect.
  • Represent the clan very well around other people, DO NOT CUSS if it can be avoided, many of these words reflect very negatively on the clan itself.
  • To keep everything in order, act justly in all circumstances, and use both valor and zeal in all situations when applicable.
  • Be an all around nice and well-liked person. People turn to you when they need to communicate with the Clan. You represent the clan for a reason.
These are the typical member of the clan. All clan members are allowed to vote, and all clan members are expected to respect other people, other clan members, and especially the administrators, because they do more work for you than you might know. Represent VZ well, and do all of the following to make sure that happens.
  • Represent the clan fairly, don't cuss, avoid conflicts with any other people as these things reflect negatively on the clan.
  • Post on the forums a decent amount, your not being asked 20 posts a day, but maybe 3 posts a week or so, at least 1. (Length not needing to be long)
  • Vote whenever the opportunity arises for shamans and the like. You are the voting base of the clan, don't slack off.
  • Hold both valor and zeal highly, use common sense, make friends, share, don't hoard, don't item grab, don't insult, or better yet, don't be an ass.
  • Be active, play games with fellow clan members, and remember, we are all part of the same clan, there should be no strangers.
  • Look upon your clan as a family on BNet, we can help you with issues, help you through things, but only if you let us.
  • Encourage your friends to get to know the clan and try to join, you're not being asked to recruit, but see if they're interested, we welcome fresh blood.
Everyone should follow the principles of valor and zeal in everything they do, online or in real life. We don't ask a lot, we only ask that you take the time to be a good, upstanding individual that others look forward to associating with. I realize that every person has good days and bad days, but just don't let your bad days outnumber the good. That's all.
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