Joining the Ranks of VZ

The constitution of Clan Valor & Zeal broken up into posts for the casual visitor.
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Joining the Ranks of VZ

Post by Rising_Dusk » Sat Dec 15, 2007 4:20 pm

First, people who would like to join the clan must get to know the people of the clan as well as possible, and the best place to start on that are the forums. Get to know people in the clan, because they are your ticket to getting in, if that is what you would be seeking, of course. Another good place to do this is in-game, where your true colors can poke their way out and get people to really like you. Of course, VZ plays WC3 among other games, but you do not have to play any of our games to join the clan, just be on the forums at the very least.

Before you even mention you'd like to join to anyone in the clan, you should see to it that you have done everything on the following list, otherwise you will never even become a candidate for joining VZ, and your quest will be cut short.
  • Be registered on the Forums.
  • Communicate with the clan or a member of the clan once every 21 days. (No, it is not difficult to get on for 5 minutes once every so often and say hello, at least if you plan to go through the process of joining the clan.)
  • Be a respectable person.
  • Have at least a semblance of decent grammar and respect for the English language. We speak English primarily and we will be lenient on those who don't know English well... But we are an English clan, so at least not desecrating the language is necessary.
  • Represent Valor and Zeal to a degree. (No you don't have to be a knight in shining armor or whatnot, just don't be an idiot all the same.)
  • Follow ALL rules wherever you might be. This means following the rules anywhere that VZ might be involved, you'll read more about that in the Constitution.
  • Have read the entirety and agree with (More or less) the policies and rules stated in the Clan Constitution.
  • Understand that these requirements are prone to change if new things are deemed necessary or old things deemed obsolete.
Once you have shown interest in the clan, and you think you know the clan well enough to be accepted, bring your interest in joining up to a member of the clan. It can be any member, but it's typically smart to say it to whoever you know the best. Once you have expressed interest, the person you spoke with can then nominate you to join the clan. Then, another clan member must second the nomination, solidifying you as a candidate for membership. If you are not seconded for candidacy, your quest to join VZ ends here. Now the Member who first nominated you (Or an admin) will post a thread under the clan forums. This will start a voting process that can last up to 4 weeks; however, it does not have to last any longer than it takes to seal the deal. This is a private vote, and the candidate will not be able to read who votes or their choices. Only clan members will be able to view the vote at all.

There are three types of votes, explained more below.
  • Yes
  • Neutral
  • No
This is when it's good to know people in the clan, because here's how the votes are tallied.
Yes votes add one to the tally. In order to be admitted into the clan, more people must vote yes than neutral with zero no votes. If the only reason you do not get the necessary votes is because of inactivity in the clan, then those who are deemed overly inactive will be wavered, and the amount of votes you need will be reduced. Any other mitigating circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Neutral votes serve as what you would vote if you know the person isn't problem-causing, an idiot, or disrespectful, but you don't think you know enough about the person to pass sound judgment. This is why you want to get to know the clan, because if you know them and are on good terms it'll be enough to bump the neutral vote to a yes. Neutral votes do not count for or against you in your quest, however enough neutral votes and you won't have enough yes votes. Consider this when getting to know people.

No votes are the primary stopping force behind possible clan members. If a member wishes to give a no vote at all, you must supply a very well written explanation as to why, citing examples and such, possibly witnesses, etc. No votes are when you absolutely know this person does not belong in the clan, or is a nuisance to absolutely everyone and everything, causing problems, being disrespectful, etc. Typically, people won't receive these votes because if they truly acted as described before, they probably would not be nominated in the first place. The important thing to remember is that one no vote automatically makes that person unaccepted into the clan. If you are not sure when voting about how to vote, neutral is probably a better option.

The ways to not get accepted:
  • One No vote.
  • The amount of the Yes votes not being greater than or equal to the number of neutral votes.
The way to get accepted:
  • Having an amount of Yes votes equalling or surpassing the number of neutral votes.
If you are accepted at this point, you are then added to the clan roster and you now participate in all clan activities and such. You are now allowed to vote other people into the clan in the future, as well as a multitude of other exciting things!
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