Demotion / Removal Procedures

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Demotion / Removal Procedures

Post by Rising_Dusk » Sat Dec 15, 2007 3:07 pm

For all of the following situations, any member of the clan may be subject to demotion and/or removal from the clan. Only administrators may be demoted, however specifically designated moderators of forums may loose their position under similar circumstances.
  • Bringing detrimental shame to the clan's name. This means if you go to another clan's forum and spam and then threaten them or attempt to hack them, etc. and the name of VZ gets rubbed in the dirt throughout this, you will be put up for removal.
  • Directly causing more damage to the clan than beneficial things. This means if you continue to stir up trouble within the clan itself, either on the forums or online amongst other members, you will be put for removal from the clan.
  • Repeated minor offenses. If you keep cussing in the channel with the bot just to annoy the shaman, you won't be put for removal. But if you do this 10 times just to annoy the shaman, you will be put up for removal on repeated offenses. (Note: this is simply an example of a situation for which this applies, this could range anywhere from spamming on the forums to cussing out every other member of the clan or no apparent reason.)
  • Attempting to create a revolution of sorts within the clan. This means if you try to overthrow the leadership of the clan by force, you will be removed from the clan. Conspiracy against the best interests of the clan is questionable as to immediate banning. (NOTE: In this situation, the person in question may be banned on the spot rather than even being put through the procedure. This is to be determined by the shaman present at the moment, and then reviewed by the clan at a later date.) Also, for the sake of it, should the clan ever feel the leadership is doing a poor job and that someone else could and would do better, they are free to start a suggestion for it under the newly constructed 'Suggestions' forum.
These situations all reflect upon minor offenses that would at best cause a member to loose administrative or moderation powers and/or be removed from the clan. These offenses also apply for potential members. Should a potential member do any of the aforementioned, they can be rejected from joining the clan.

The situations awarding this demotion are deemed worthy of demotion by those members who notice them or decide to speak up about them. If a member sees anything they find corrupt or don't agree with, they are encouraged to post it under the demotion forum for clan analysis. Basically, any situation could theoretically implement demotion/removal, however the severity and punishment for the situation will be talked about in appropriate topics.
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