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Post by Kurogamon » Sun Jun 21, 2009 7:59 pm

So I was looking at the potion shop and noted it looked a little empty. I know that's not necessarily a bad thing, but there might be some interesting things concerning how people use potions and how potions work, and maybe even other types of consumables!. So maybe a couple of items that don't do too much new stuff but add sufficiently for them to exist might be fun to think about.

The only ones I've thought about really are some kind of refillable potion bottle that allows more charges but reduced/slower healing per charge. It's somewhat annoying when I need a heal but only have a single potion, and the heal doesn't even use half of the potion's real duration (Dis...). The bottles could cost something like 300-400 gold, and hold maybe 5 charges, and can be refilled at the shop for a slightly better value than just buying the potions straight. The restores would be weaker or slower, and Purity might not need a bottle, they're good enough as is.

Other consumables might disrupt the game flow or details a little too much to be added, but maybe we can rattle off a few and see if we get lucky with good ideas. Maybe temporary stat boosters? Or condition extenders (Might be too overpowered?)? Damage or armor boosts, building buffs, unit buffs, things like bombs or that Termite jar from EotA?
Can you hear them?

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Re: Consumables?

Post by Rising_Dusk » Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:16 pm

The point of potions is to waste inventory slots that could be better used so that you can heal/restore mana as necessary. They are not supposed to have many charges, be refillable, or anything of the sort. Other suggestions are welcome, but trust me when I say that the current 6 potions are the only ones that exist for good reason. If you ask me what that reason is because you don't already know, don't expect me to explain it.
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