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Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:05 am
by Rising_Dusk
This actually wasn't the release date, but the forum rollback lost several updates. I've posted all backlogged notes here for posterity.
v1.17 ~

[X] - Polished a lot of heroes (details below)
[X] - Improved the visual smoothness of all lightning effects in the map

------ BUGS
[X] - Workers can now repair towers
[X] - Short-ranged melee attackers can now hit towers
[X] - AOE spells now properly damage all struck units
[X] - Fireball no longer burns regardless of having Heat or not
[X] - Heatdeath now properly seeks the targeted unit
[X] - Heroes can no longer vanish when they revive
[X] - Rigor Mortis will no longer sometimes teleport to map center
[X] - Fixed an infinite loop bug with Rigor Mortis
[X] - Fixed reorder issues on Rigor Mortis, Fire and Flames, and Critical Mass
[X] - Fixed a bug that made Bloodlines teleport less distance than it should
[X] - Blink now properly retains Janise's last used order
[X] - Canceling Oblivion Seal now has a hotkey

------ BALANCE
[X] - Ruin is back to -10 armor
[X] - Ruin, Maim, and Blind are now half as effective against creeps

[X] - Power Inverter now costs 4 faction
[X] - Siev's Thirst has been replaced by the Sixteen Sacred Songs

[X] - Flickerflame now has 700 range at all levels
[X] - Heat now increases burn damage by 10/15/20/25/30%
[X] - Heat now inflicts burn for 3 seconds at all levels
[X] - Umbra no longer deals flat damage
[X] - Umbra now deals 100/125/150/175/200% of Tristan's attack damage
[X] - Black Hole Sun's cooldown has been increased to 10 seconds at all levels
[X] - Tristan has had his movement speed reduced to the top-tier
[X] - Added an indicator effect to where Polarize is sending a wisp
[X] - Twister no longer inflicts cripple
[X] - Twister now has 100 area of effect at all levels
[X] - Twister now lasts for 14 seconds at all levels
[X] - Crosswind no longer redirects twisters
[X] - Quicksand now lasts 30 seconds at all levels
[X] - Quicksand now has a 120 second cooldown at all levels
[X] - Quicksand now deals 20/35/50 damage per second
[X] - Quicksand now deals physical and not magickal damage
[X] - Quicksand no longer pulls enemies closer to Evairnophet
[X] - Quicksand now cripples units when they are affected by another condition
[X] - Thunder Ward now activates effects that trigger on magickal damage
[X] - Thunder Ward now prioritizes heroes when damaging
[X] - Soothing ward now activates effects that trigger on healing
[X] - Multiple Soothing Wards can now target the same unit
[X] - Soothing Ward now prioritizes heroes when healing

[X] - Oblivion Seal now has 500 range
[X] - Oblivion Seal no longer ruins the target
[X] - Oblivion Seal no longer forcefully activates when its duration runs out
[X] - Voidwalk now has a 3 second cooldown at all levels
[X] - Voidwalk can no longer be used when Caliga has no mana
[X] - Voidwalk now costs extra mana for each repeat use within a 10 second window
[X] - Tombreaver now does a flat +25% damage regardless of number of conditions
[X] - Caliga has had his movement speed reduced to the top-tier
[X] - Bloodlines can now be doublecast to return to your original location
[X] - Devour now has an 8 second cooldown at all levels
[X] - Deceive now removes blind from the target unit

v1.16 ~

[X] - Caliga Err has been remade
[X] - All hero spell hotkeys have been moved to the QWERT standard

------ BUGS
[X] - Fixed some item tooltip inconsistencies
[X] - Fixed some display bugs on higher resolutions
[X] - Fixed structure collision in bases
[X] - Fixed a display bug with structure ground textures
[X] - Fixed a bug that allowed players to save games in-game
[X] - Fixed a visibility glitch that gave the Bane a slight advantage
[X] - Fixed a bug where standing in Scorched Earth prevented burn damage
[X] - Fixed a bug that caused Webstrider to apply many conditions at once
[X] - Fixed a bug that caused Scorched Earth to apply many conditions at once
[X] - Fixed a bug that made Devil's Thorn return less than the listed percent of damage
[X] - Fixed a bug that allowed doublecasting when carrying Philosopher's Stone
[X] - Fixed a bug that made self-inflicted damage trigger offensive items on the Hero
[X] - Fixed a bug that kept channeling units channeling when pulled by Critical Mass
[X] - Fixed a bug that allowed Dagurnott to gain life when taking damage
[X] - Fixed a bug that made Twisters do nothing in Quicksand
[X] - Fixed a bug that made Rigor Mortis sometimes not cast
[X] - Fixed the areas of effect of many spells in the map

------ BALANCE
[X] - Ruin is now -12 armor instead of -10

[X] - The Order's merchants are now located next to their fountain
[X] - Increased the time delay before the first creep wave to 60 seconds
[X] - Reduced the percent damage reduction of Sanctuary to 25%
[X] - Reduced the percent damage reduction of Ancient Carapace to 25%
[X] - Reduced the armor gain per condition on Vizer's Last Wish to 2
[X] - Devil's Thorn no longer reduces cripple durations on the Hero
[X] - Increased the physical damage return on Devil's Thorn to 50%
[X] - The Optic Amulet now only reduces the duration of Blind by 33%
[X] - With the Optic Amulet and the Boots of Blinding Speed, the boots won't blind
[X] - The Optic Amulet can now create an All-Seeing Eye ward
[X] - Most heroes have had their stat distributions rebalanced

[X] - All two-wave spawns now have a stock of 4
[X] - Abominations of the Bane / Hallowed Crags now have a stock of 2

[X] - Black Hole Sun has been remade
[X] - Blaze can now miss when Fahren is blinded
[X] - Mirage now gives Sozen 66% evasion at all levels
[X] - Reduced the cooldown on Umbra to 6 seconds at all levels
[X] - Will-O-Wisp now has a 4 second cooldown
[X] - Polarize now moves the closest Wisp to the target point
[X] - Fireball now deals 140/180/220/260/300 damage
[X] - Fireball no longer inflicts burn on struck units
[X] - Fireball now inflicts ruin on struck units
[X] - Heat now increases the duration and damage of burn
[X] - Heat now causes magickal damage to burn foes

[X] - Heatdeath has been remade
[X] - Jhita now has 600 attack range
[X] - Jhita's base attack damage max has been increased by 10
[X] - Explosive Arrows no longer works on structures
[X] - Abolish now deals 120/170/220/270/320 damage
[X] - The Sin of Gluttony now deals 120/160/200/240/280 damage
[X] - Cauterize's conditional healing bonus has been reduced to 50%
[X] - Dragonbane Hide now reduces percent damage taken by 6/7/8/9/10% per condition
[X] - Reduced Dagurnott's maximum health by 100 at all levels
[X] - Reduced Dagurnott's armor by 2 at all levels
[X] - Rigor Mortis now deals 120/150/180/210/240 damage
[X] - Rigor Mortis now bleeds for 6/10/14/18/22 seconds

Re: Download

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:50 pm
by Rising_Dusk

I waited 4 days so it wouldn't be an April Fools joke! <3
v1.17b ~

------ BUGS
[X] - The creep respawn timer's interval has been fixed
[X] - Rematch buff stability improved to prevent anomalies
[X] - Pathability-based skills will now work in a rematch
[X] - Doom now properly counts as an assist for hero kills
[X] - Fixed a tooltip error on Tombreaver

------ BALANCE
[X] - Rebalanced hired air units slightly

[X] - Storm Bolt's area of effect has been reduced
[X] - Storm Bolt now cripples for 4/4/5/5/6 seconds
[X] - Tempest Wake's area of effect has been reduced
[X] - Scorched Earth's area of effect has been reduced
[X] - Black Hole Sun no longer deals base magickal damage
[X] - Black Hole Sun now burns 25% more mana against foes suffering a condition
[X] - Black Hole Sun now burns 80/95/110/125/140 mana
[X] - Rampage now removes cripple and maim from Ztera and Zuma when used
[X] - Rampage now errors if the player misuses it instead of being wasted
[X] - Martyr now errors if the player misuses it instead of being wasted
[X] - Critical Mass now lasts for 4/5/6/7/8 seconds
[X] - Critical Mass now has an 18 second cooldown
[X] - Critical mass now has a 700 cast range

[X] - Bone Prison now has 100/145/190/235/280 health per piece
[X] - Gluttony now stuns for duration based on struck units' conditions
[X] - Gluttony now stuns for 1/3 an extra second per condition
[X] - Wrath's conditions can no longer be removed by any means
[X] - Wrath now lasts for 4/5/6 seconds