[D+] Caliga Err, Council Member: Blade

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[D+] Caliga Err, Council Member: Blade

Post by snakehawk37 » Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:40 am

Caliga Err
Council Member: Blade
Strength; Bane.

Of Two Worlds
  • Caliga can shift between ethereal and physical forms. In his ethereal form, he has increased move speed, deals magical damage, is less susceptible to physical damage (50%), and is more susceptible to magic damage (150%). In his physical form, he has increased attack speed, deals physical damage, is less susceptible to magical damage (50%), and is more susceptible to physical damage (150%).
    Caliga uses 50 mana to change forms.

    Level 1 Skill:
    Oblivion Seal
    • If cast from his physical form, maims the foe for x seconds. If cast from his ethereal from, mutes the foe for x seconds. Also ruins the foe for x seconds in either form.
    Level 1 Skill:
    • If cast from his physical form, Caliga forms 2x (twice as many as in ethereal) ghosts that deal physical damage to units within 500 range, lasting y seconds.
      If cast from his ethereal form, Caliga forms x ghosts that move twice as fast and deal magical damage to units within 1000 range, lasting y seconds.
      Ghosts focus their attention to ruined units.
      (Note: They function very similarly to Caliga's current ghosts, but are either stronger or faster depending on the form. The catch is that Caliga must stay within range for them to be effective)
    Level 1 Skill:
    Cold Killer
    • Caliga prepares his blades. If cast in ethereal form, Caliga’s next attack deals x magical damage and exends mute by y seconds. If cast in physical form, Caliga’s next attack deals x physical damage, and extends maim by y seconds. Deals bonus damage for every condition previously on the target.
    Level 6 Ultimate:
    • Caliga unleashes a barrage of attacks on the foe, dealing x bonus attacks. Has a y% chance of extending the duration of all conditions on the target by 1 second. Drains mana in ethereal form, and drains health in physical form.
I realize that Innates are generally frowned upon, but I think I have done a good enough job of making it absolutely crucial in how Caliga is played. You are now forced to decide which form is better for any given situation. Voidwalk is no longer just a small component of Caliga, but now its successful use is the KEY to being a good Caliga. The ethereal form is clearly better for chasing, but the physical form is better for dealing raw damage. Caliga is given different tools depending on which form he is in, and the thing separating a good Caliga player would be how well you utilize each form (with both its strengths and weaknesses) in any given situation.
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Re: Caliga Err, Council Member: Blade

Post by Intoxicated Crayon » Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:50 am

: D

Might not make Caliga less click shoot since Haunt and O Seal remain in their original forms with edits but I think it's a creative of way to change Caliga from a guy who walks in and rapes a group of units he wants dead to choosing from 2 ways to walk in and rape a group of units that he wants dead xD.

I dunno, I just thought it was a creative way to let him open up for more item combinations and strategies. However, the damage from being in normal form might be over doing it but it definitely makes Caliga fragile without having to -X strength from him, which is great!

:p, well.
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Re: Caliga Err, Council Member: Blade

Post by snakehawk37 » Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:44 am

Thanks for the suggestions Intox, I'll try to address these issues :D

Note: You say that the damage from being in normal form might be overdoing it. The point, however, is there isn't a normal form anymore. He has two equal forms that should both be used depending on the situation. That's why I wanted there to be a penalty to both forms. Also, the specific %s are something that Dusk would better be handled to address than me, I just wanted to give a general idea of what I meant.

Edit: I kind of like oblivion seal in it's current form, but if I think of anything else I'll edit it. I changed the way Haunt works, but I'm still not completely satisfied with it. Please post any comments.

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Re: Caliga Err, Council Member: Blade

Post by Oxygen » Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:03 am

Fun idea for the innate switching spells that he can cast; I actually thought about it, but couldn't really apply it in a proper manner. Your hero shoes exactly what I mean, as the innate isn't necessary for it to work. If only you could make it a non-innate

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Re: Caliga Err, Council Member: Blade

Post by Rising_Dusk » Mon May 17, 2010 2:47 am

  • Skills:
    - Innate, I see. It's interesting that you'd choose to take Voidwalk as the innate and try to work him around it. I can see that it definitely interacts at the level that it should, but the requirement of spamming to switch forms just to net different results from your skills really bothers me. Caliga would wind up being a hotkey fest just to wire up the most potent combination of moves. I don't particularly like that.
    - Oblivion Seal is arguably better in the ethereal form, as is Cold Killer. I'd probably use physical Haunt because it appears that each ghost deals its own damage, so it'd have higher DPS at the cost of speed. Draining Mana is also probably easier to deal with in Tombreaver in that it doesn't kill you. I don't think you balanced the effects of these to the innate very well, but I can see that you tried.
    - The extending of conditions on Tombreaver feels unnecessarily tacked on.
    - Cold Killer seems very redundant with Oblivion Seal in that it sort of just adds the same conditions (Maim / Mute) on again.
  • Feel:
    - I'm not really digging it. It doesn't drive Caliga away from what he's currently doing in DoE, it just makes it more convoluted in it approach. Still has the AOE issue with Haunt, still has the same OSeal more or less, same Tombreaver, and a new skill that's a preparation version of OSeal. I think this could've used to be more focused and less current Caliga.
  • End Grade:
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