[C] Caliga Err', Council Member: Blade (Pigger Edition!)

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[C] Caliga Err', Council Member: Blade (Pigger Edition!)

Post by Pigger » Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:26 pm

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Council Member: Emperor
Strength; Romans (Bane)

Level 1 Skill:
  • Passive
    Caliga's attacks extend bleed by 2 second and gains an extra attack per condition the foe is suffering.
Level 1 Skill:
  • Active (Non-Target)
    Caliga turns unbreakably invisible as an image of himself follows the target. Caliga gains movement speed while the image follows, and if the image strikes the target, it takes X% extra damage and becomes crippled. Image lasts Y seconds, cooldown is shorter than Y. (Image can be outrun)
Level 1 Skill:
Oblivion Seal
  • Active (Target)
    Marked target is muted, if an allied unit (of target's) is within X range of them, target is unmuted but suffers Y magickal damage per second as well as becoming ruined.
Level 6 Ultimate:
The Reaper
  • Active Passive
    Caliga turns ethereal and gains X attack speed, his attacks extend ethereal on enemies by 2 seconds, ethereal units suffer less damage from physical, but more from magickal as well as having conditions on them last longer.
BHS Just seemed to fit.

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Re: Caliga Err', Council Member: Blade (Pigger Edition!)

Post by Rising_Dusk » Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:02 pm

  • Skills:
    - In the Haunting, you specify that the ability takes no target, then in its description say that an image follows the target. I have no idea what to make of that.
    - I'm not a particular fan of the ultimate. I'm not sure what to make of it; you're treating ethereal like a condition when it's not. Ethereal units also cannot be attacked by physical attacks. (Unless you aren't using WC3 ethereal)
    - Not a fan of the new OSeal either. You basically make Caliga unable to mute someone who has backup, whereas his main job in the past has been to single out enemies from the crowd and take them down to size. I don't really like that shift in feel.
  • Feel:
    - As I mentioned above, he becomes less threatening with the suggested mechanics. He goes to a support role that really loses out on the "rip everything apart"ness that he's known for now. I don't like that, but you do have some neat skill ideas, so I'll give you credit for that.
  • End Grade:
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