Hero Contest #4 - Rules

Let's play a game. If you win, you might just get some representation in DoE!
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Hero Contest #4 - Rules

Post by Rising_Dusk » Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:28 am

Hero Contest #4
Remake Caliga Err'
So I've got this game I want to play... It's called a hero contest, I'm sure most of you remember it as we've had a few others in the past. It's where you design and fully elaborate a hero under my specifications and then they all get judged by myself and the winner may be added into the map! The hero to be made for this contest remakes a hero already in the map, Caliga Err'.

Rules, Restrictions, Rewards:
  • One submission per person.
  • All submissions should follow this format or they will be automatically disqualified.
  • All submissions should be posted in this forum, that is the reason for its existence.
  • The hero must not be relatively close in name, design, or skill names to any hero from any other AoS. If any form of similarity exists, your hero will be automatically disqualified.
  • All heroes submitted to this contest must be made specifically for this contest and cannot have been posted in any way, shape, or form prior to this contest.
  • Any edits to heroes after the deadline will result in automatic disqualification.
  • The contest officially ends 23:59 GMT-5 (EST) on 12/17/2009.
  • I reserve the right to not implement any hero if all of the submissions suck really bad. If you win, but your hero still failed, then I'm sorry but I may still not use it.
  • I will, as the judge, only post as much feedback for a hero when I judge it as effort you put into the hero. So if you don't really try, I won't really care much for judging your hero. Yes, the amount of effort you put into a hero is plainly visible at a glance.
  • I, as the judge, cannot post in a hero's topic and will not read or discuss any of the submitted heroes before the deadline. This way I can avoid as much bias as possible in the judging process.
Hero Specifications & Requirements:
  • The hero must be a remake of Caliga.
  • The hero must maintain the same theme and playstyle as Caliga.
  • The hero must retain mute, ruin, and Tombreaver in some form.
  • Don't bother with story, Caliga already has enough of it.
  • Heavy condition interaction is preferred, but it may be difficult with this theme, so just try your best.
  • This is more a tip than it is a requirement, but please don't make your hero have an innate unless you're absolutely positive it's required and know very well how to successfully make heroes interact with their innates. It really pains me to read through heroes with obligatory innate skills.
Questions to Think About:
  • What does Caliga need?
  • What doesn't Caliga need?
  • Is my hero overdone or cliche?
  • Is my hero simple enough?
  • Have I seen my hero's style elsewhere before?
  • Does it have enough condition interaction?
  • Is that condition interaction solid and appropriate for both team and solo settings?
  • Does my ultimate feel like it belongs as an ultimate?
  • Is my hero's ultimate useful no matter what skills the player picks for the hero?
  • Is my hero too passive?
  • Would my hero be fun to play?
  • Does my hero require skill to play effectively?
  • Does my hero have too many click-shoot skills?
  • Does my hero have a defined role, theme, or style?
  • Did I rush when I made my hero?
  • Do any skills feel filler?
  • Does everyone else seem to like it?
  • Does my hero have a retarded or meaningless title and/or name?
  • Would my hero fit into DoE?
  • Would I play my hero?
  • Would others?
  • Does my hero follow the correct format?
I posted this in the first and second hero contests, but I want to emphasize it again here:
Rising_Dusk wrote:So but yeah, have fun. This is competitive in a way, but remember that the whole reason I support hero suggestions and read them at all is for people to have fun and get better. Don't feel sad if I don't like your hero, it's just one man's opinion against the world's. No hard feelings, eh?
Aaaaandd.... Go.
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