[F] Reptile, Acidic Manifestation

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[F] Reptile, Acidic Manifestation

Post by Rectifier » Fri Sep 11, 2009 1:27 am

Sludge Manifestation

Primary Attribute: Agility ; Order.

Model: That oozy thing with teeth, unless that model sucks...

An accumulation of the leavings of society manifested into a sentient being of intense hatred and malice only surpassed by his stench and burning touch. Although Reptile would obviously direct his ire towards those who created his miserable existence, he has allied with the order to preserve himself, however pitiful it may be.

Level 1 Skill:
Glob Lob
  • Reptile launches a glob of...himself to harm his foes.

    Target Area of Effect

    Deals constant but low physical damage during a 4 second duration in a small area of effect. All units that are present during the initial hit are blinded for 2 seconds. Reptile loses a low amount of hp as a result of throwing a part of his body. Low cooldown and mana cost.
Level 1 Skill:
Venomous Bite
  • Reptile strikes forward in the direction he is currently facing, biting during his rush.


    Reptile's head moves forward a short distance and deals moderate physical damage in a line, adding 3 seconds of maim. The skill itself should execute in less than a second. Moderate cooldown, moderate mana cost.
Level 1 Skill:
Attract Filth
  • Reptile attempts to establish his existence by using his power over detritus.

    Active Passive

    Any time that Reptile passes by corpses or ashes, he gains a slow hp regeneration, if he passes over a part of himself, he gains low hp back and moves 5% faster for 4 seconds. Low mana cost per second.
Level 6 Ultimate:
  • Reptile risks his existence by dispersing most of his form into the local weather system to create a highly toxic rain.

    Self Area of Effect Channelling

    For every second that Reptile is channelling, he loses moderate HP. There is a green rain effect in a large area centered on Reptile. Within this area, enemies receive a moderate HP loss every second. Every .5 seconds, a Glob is randomly thrown out from Reptile in the same area and deals moderate physical damage to a small area. These Globs cause blind on hit in their respective small areas for 2 seconds, and linger for 2 seconds. If Attract Filth is active, these Globs slide back to Reptile and heal him for a moderate amount of hp. Reptile CAN die from using this spell!
    High cooldown, long duration, and high mana cost.

Comments: I got bored and decided to make a hero to pass the time, I don't really like the way the passive is executed, but then again I didn't spend much time on him anyway. This is more of a test run than anything else, so constructive and negative criticism is appreciated.

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Re: Reptile - Acidic Manifestation

Post by Oxygen » Fri Sep 11, 2009 7:28 am


Any questions?

Edit: Okay, that wasn't too nice.

Hear this; even before you invested time into writing down the hero, and neural energy thinking about (

or did you...?)
the skills and hero, do you see doe having any animal hero? Don't say Zuma. Please. A reptile shooting pieces of body is just silly beyond imagination.
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Re: Reptile - Acidic Manifestation

Post by Intoxicated Crayon » Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:54 am


First off, you have no summons in the hero. Then the condition interaction seems tacked on. The idea of some decomposer hero that is a blob of slime... Nah. There is already Dis on the Order, no need for a monster who eats crap and more rotting crap.

The first skill could have been cool, Reptile lobs a portion of himself at the foe, dealing X damage and blinding it. If Reptile was suffering from a condition, the portion he lobbed springs to life and deals whatever condition Reptile was suffering from to enemies.

And there, you've got yourself a summoning skill.

Venomous Bite makes almost no sense at all. It seems almost like Tempest Strike but you're trying to bite someone and this hero seems fragile and slow unlike the Ronin :p. You could make an AoE, Death and Decay, something like that. Maims all nearby foes and Reptile.If already suffering from conditions, nearby foes are dealt X magickal damage per second of maim or blind they were suffering from.

The whole corpse passive is lol. No. How about he gains X hp from each unit he or his summons kill and this HP is doubled if suffering from a condition... but then it seems like beyond the grave... :/...

The ultimate...


This idea of an acidic manifestation seems too much like Dis too me. You're better off going with some evil dood who spawns these sort of things. It's level of cool would be higher since he wouldn't eat crap. If you really like this theme for the hero, I really hope that you can make it cooler and more fun to play.
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Re: Reptile - Acidic Manifestation

Post by Rising_Dusk » Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:34 pm

  • General Pros:
    - N/A
  • General Cons:
    - So the first skill is a really bad version of Skittel's Miasma that drains life to use.
    - The ult is.... I don't even know how to comment on it. It's just bad, man... It takes like an extended paragraph to describe what it does. It throws globs of himself that come back to him. Is this supposed to be the summon? The globs that he can pick up? If anything, it's hardly a summon and more like a third resource.
    - How does a sludge monster hero make any sense on the Order? At All?
    - The passive is obscenely lame. Why is he interacting with a third resource, his globs? You want to aim your summon interaction (I think that's what this is) to be a bonus on top of an ability. You don't want it to be a complicated mess that arises from trying to interact with something that shouldn't have to be there in the first place. Meridia is a good example of this. See how her third skill interacts with the summons by giving them the life steal as well? That is a very simple interaction that adds a lot to the way she plays. It doesn't HAVE to be used for that, because it gives her life steal either way, but it can be.
  • Final Thoughts:
    - I think the biggest problem with this hero is the choice of a sludge model, the choice of a summon that doesn't really even meet the criteria for being a summon, having that summon be basically a third resource and not a summon at all, having a passive that is rather useless but forces interaction with the third resource to be useful, and then having an ult that takes way too long to explain and really just sounds and looks (in my mind) far more complicated than any ult should be. All of those things together really just take this hero from bad to worse, I'm sorry to say. >.<
  • End Grade:
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