[B+] Dahlia, Desert Wraith

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[B+] Dahlia, Desert Wraith

Post by Vinnam » Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:20 pm

Desert Wraith
Order; Agility

Level 1 Skill
All enemy and summoned units within X radius of Dahlia are dealt Y damage for each condition on Dahlia. This damage is doubled against Summoned units. Dahlia also transfers whatever conditions she has to surrounding enemy units and summons and is afflicted with whatever conditions the enemy units and summons had prior to Heatstroke. These transferred conditions are present for their full duration.

Level 1 Skill
Dahlia creates X images of herself which deal no combat damage but inflict Blind on enemy units in a Y radius when they die. For every Mirage created, Dahlia is afflicted with Maim for Z seconds. The images last for X seconds + Y for each condition that Dahlia had at the time of their creation.

Level 1 Skill
Single-Unit Target
Target unit is dealt X damage and all of it’s conditions are transferred to Dahlia with double their original duration. For every condition transferred in this way, deal +X% more damage to the affected unit and extend the duration of Maim on the affected unit by Y seconds.

Level 6 Ultimate
Passive, Aura
As long as Dahlia is suffering from a condition, she steals X% of her total life in Health from surrounding enemy units every second.
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Re: Dahlia, Desert Wraith

Post by Rising_Dusk » Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:41 pm

  • General Pros:
    - Ult is really quite cool. I like that. Alot. It could be a little bit different, but... Well, you'll see.
    - Parch actually... Is quite cool. Huh. It has some quirks in it that I hate, but nothing a slight reworking of the skill couldn't fix... My idea for it is pretty sweet too, maybe reorganize its effects. Hrm, good job there, even if it's a little wonky it has a great base for inspiration which is just as useful.
  • General Cons:
    - What the hell is going on with the first skill, man? It's like, condition sucking damage thingy from hell that makes absolutely no sense and still managed to be useless at level 1. I read it like 6 times and still have absolutely no idea what it does or why it would be useful.
    - I dislike the summons in Mirage, they don't really feel all that useful to her and seems almost tacked on randomly. That could've been so much better thought out and so forth.
  • Final Thoughts:
    - You know, first hero in awhile that actually had 2/4 skills I liked. I could see this hero being really cool, and I particularly like the aesthetic of a desert wraith. This hero would've broken into the A ranks if the first skill and the summon weren't so God damned lame. I really like the other two skills enough, though, that I will give this a B+. The hero in itself probably doesn't deserve a B+ just because half of it is pretty hardcore bad, but the inspiration that hit me when reading the hero counts for more than the hero itself in this case.
  • End Grade:
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