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Law's Journal

Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:45 pm
by VZhitogoroshi
Law, Dunadan Mage
Entry One

The beast was patient, and a hunter. Grip had fallen some time early. His brother had followed me ever since. "Farmer" Maggot had obviously trained them to hunt adventurers.

If nothing else, they could recognize magic when they saw it. It had stalked me, waiting for the hazard that it knew was present. A yellow jelly, the bane of mages everywhere.

I had been...negligent. I had not detected it. It took all of my magic reserves to slay it. Fang waited for this chance and struck. It knew that the jelly had fed off of my magic. It was right - I was completely without spells in the fray.

Strength of mind cannot come without strength of body. Magic is only as good as the vessel that summons it. The principles are vindicated every day.

The dagger lost it's edge when I pulled it out of the dogs skull. Perhaps I should invest in a better weapon.

Re: Law's Journal

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:50 pm
by VZhitogoroshi
Law, Dunadan Mage
Entry Two

I have slain the farmer, and benefited with a magical sword for the trouble. I wonder what adventurer's corpse he stole it from.

Bullroarer. Lagduf. Mugash. Names my magic itself knows. For now, I harry at the edges and do not engage them. I have still to master the third spell book, and the fourth sits unused in my pack. Dunadan are slow to improve, but the enemy does not improve at all, it seems. I must quietly kill monsters no master will look for, until I am strong enough to charge them directly.

And I am improving. My strength, once a half of what it was and allowing me to barely carry my equipment, has been restored by a wonderful concoction from the local alchemist. With my mastery of identification, I have left behind cursed goods and amassed a modest store of magical items, mostly defensive. I am more armored than the average soldier. I have slain dragons.

Time is my weapon, and I wield it well. But what else would you expect from a Dunadan?