Southern Masses: Northern Section

Dive into the world of Karud and explore Pokémon like you've (maybe) never seen them before! This RP is currently headed by our resident hitogoroshi with assistance from the typical Kaome and Rising_Dusk.
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Southern Masses: Northern Section

Post by VZhitogoroshi » Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:58 pm

[[Continuation of "Yarin: Perimeter"]]

It's been a hard few hours. Thanks to the various diversions from the attacking poke's, the group was able to pass through the Mankey cloud and progress a considerable distance. As for the "special Primeapes"...Dimitri stayed behind to deal with those. A valiant sacrifice, or a TAS member good enough to handle it himself? The answer is unknown. At any rate, he hasn't returned.

Currently, the group is housed inside a cave. Thick woods outside offer enough concealment that anyone can leave the cave a small distance to stretch or find food, as long as they're quiet. While it could have been possible to cover a bit more distance - the sun was not quite down from the sky, though close - Kesshi called a stop because this was the farthest he had ever been into the mass. He knew of this safe zone already, but beyond he knew only the basic geography he had learned from talking to TAS members.

Some rations were already stored in the cave, sealed within a "Official Tactical Assault Squad Pokemon-proof Lunchbox." There are enough to settle everyone's stomach, and a batch of cookies to satisfy a sweet tooth for the last time in the foreseeable future. It is a time to rest and plan, for tomorrow the brunt of the Southern Mass will be waiting.

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Re: Southern Masses: Northern Section

Post by Vinnam » Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:09 am

Giacomo leaned back against the trunk of a nearby tree, sighing with exasperation. Lugosi lay in the shadow of another tree, an aura of brooding seeming to permeate the very air around the Haunter. Ever since that skirmish with the Primeape Lugosi had been morose, not letting anyone near him, and had grown generally darker. Outwardly the Haunter appeared fine, but the malevolence rolling off of it in waves, combined with the irregular drip of shadowy substance from it's amorphous form told a different tale. Running his hands through his hair in despair, Giacomo replayed the events that had led to Lugosi's current state in his mind's eye...

The primeape quickly withered away under the assault of Lugosi. But before he could savor the victory, the old, club-wielding brute took a swing. Normal and fighting type attacks can't hit ghosts...and yet Lugosi was sent flying backwards by the assault. Not dead yet, but one more hit and he could be. He could taste a touch of darkness on his wound...

After that, everything was a blur. Maxwell's Tyrannitar had used Hyper Beam, and the battle dissolved into Chaos. Lugosi barely managed to reach Giacomo, and was near dead when he found him. Listing to the right, shuddering with agony, the Haunter had presented a pitiful sight when they had run away.

Sighing again, Giacomo pushed himself off of the tree trunk. He'd have to get Noir to peer into the tortured Poke's mind later and find the root of the problem, but for now rest might be the best way to heal Lugosi. Moving back towards the cave a few yards away, Giacomo began looking for Maxwell to discuss tomorrow's raid on the Southern Mass.
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Re: Southern Masses: Northern Section

Post by Loki » Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:49 pm

Tobias rolls the pokeball containing Genius in his hands, thinking deeply before everything went chaotic. Genius was damaged from the previous battle, the steel pokemon's body was shattered by a primeape. The club was wreathed with something that broke through Genius' steel/psychic shell and once it impacted the body, nearly the upper body was decimated. The Metagross buckled down and cried in a way only a steel pokemon can make. Swinging one of it's massive legs at the primeape, the club wielding feral would back away from the sandstorm. Genius would see Tobias running through the sandstorm with a pokeball in his hand and as his eyes would dim and his mind would stop registering any more information, the world turned red as the pokeball took him to safety where he would remain dormant for a long time until he was restored back to normal...

After the battle, everything went by quickly, the group passed through the ferals and stayed in a cave. Resting for awhile, he went outside to grab some air and latched the pokeball back into his belt. He sighed and wondered where Pandora went before the battle, he assumed it would come back later like she always did after a battle. Tobias was tired again, the day was going to be long again and he was already down one pokemon. He laid down in a clearing and counted the clouds passing by, it would eventually be time to move out again until that time, Tobias closed his eyes and before he was gone, the familiar purr would echo from the trees and then he drifted into what he thought was going to be a dream..
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Re: Southern Masses: Northern Section

Post by VZCabetardo » Sun May 10, 2009 12:59 pm

Zucco meditated, Raijou by his side, the Pokemon had his hind left leg broken, a rabid Primeape caught it off guard and managed a solid hit. In exchange Raijou managed to blast the Primape with a powerful discharge, stunning it for long enough to retreat and regroup.
Raijou was in pain but there wasn't much that could be done, a bandage had been applied and the Pokemon had refused to return to its ball, it preferred to feel the pain, to learn from it, recklessness had caused this, and Raijou was willing to learn from the mistake.

Calmly, Zucco rose from his knees, decided to take a walk in search for a large piece of high quality wood, after some 15 minutes of walking Zucco found a very healthy White Oak, it would be good enough to carve a new Bokken before they left the following morning. Arntle sprouted from its pokeball as soon as Zucco used it, after giving it a brief instruction on the width and length of the piece he needed, Zucco allowed the Sceptile to climb the tree for a good enough branch.

20 minutes later they were back on the main camp, a 4 foot long piece of wood held in his left hand. Taking a knife from the supply box Zucco started marking the new shape of the wood into a bokken. He marked the wood to make a 3 foot 3 inch blade, a slightly shorter than usual bokken in order to work around a slight imperfection in the wood he had gathered.

In order to carve the wood correctly Zucco would need to heat the knife's blade to around 60 degrees Celsius in order to heal the wood until he could get some oil wood to lacquer it correctly. The polishing and final carving would also require sandpaper or a smooth coarse stone which would have to be collected afterwards.
Zucco worked patiently, waiting for new orders.


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