Yarin: Conference Room

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Re: Yarin: Conference Room

Post by erwtenpeller » Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:53 am

'You told me to do what?’'
'Good luck, master’ Theetron said in between snickers, ‘it looks like you are going out on an adventure against impossible odds to fight an unknown enemy. Surely, you are satisfied with this predicament? Consider rewarding your faithful servant, here'.
'I’ll show you your reward, you selfish prick' Moi hissed back as he pushed Theetron’s pokeball against his face. A feint red led enveloped the pokemon, and before long he was gone.

Great, just what he needed. Moi slammed his feet on the ground, pretending to stomp his predicament. He should have known better. Never listen to Threetron when part of a war meeting. Next meeting, he would listen himself and stop trusting on that treacherous machine. I guess there was no way out now, I guess he had to in to the wilds again.

"However, I would ask Water specialists from either group to consider investigating Lake Yarin. If not a soul among you can do it, it will be my duty, but water is not my strong suit."

Moi's salvation arrived sooner than expected. Water specialist? This was his mission. A trip to a peacefull lake somewhere in the country side? It sounded much better than a suicide mission, even too good to be true. Moi patted Guy's pokemon softly. Thanks, Guy, you safed my ass again.

'If no one else dares to fish in the ponds of mystery, by the gods, I shall!'

Ponds of mystery. Nice.

EDIT: Oops, this post was supposed to be on Vigors account, not erwtsies. My apoligies.

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Re: Yarin: Conference Room

Post by VZBushkiller20 » Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:02 am

"However, I would ask Water specialists from either group to consider investigating Lake Yarin. If not a soul among you can do it, it will be my duty, but water is not my strong suit."

Lawrence held Mirage's pokeball in his hand. I'm no water specialist...your my only water pokemon. But they need our help. You know we need to do this, we can't just remain hoping no one will notice us. We're here aren't we? Yes but... Give me a chance. I may not be as skilled as Ember or Palm, but I can still fight.

Lawrence sighed. It looked like Mirage really wanted to do this. He reluctantly stood up. "Commander, I don't consider myself a water specialist. I only have one, a Lapras, but she really wants to prove her worth. If you think that is enough for your mission at the lake, I will...gladly...volunteer my services."

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Re: Yarin: Conference Room

Post by VZhitogoroshi » Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:30 am

Two people? And one has only one water pokemon...but this other man seems to have six, for his enthusiasm. He must not have realized that the route to Jin is mostly on land. Lowell spoke. "The two of you should be enough for Lake Yarin. If you ever have any questions, ask to speak privately with Tomas. Besides Kesshi, Dimitri, and Kota, he's the only other Yarin Corps. member who knows the whole story of what happened." A crooked smile crossed his face. "Honestly, he was my first choice to lead, but he refused the responsibility. Sadly, with this problem at Lake Yarin, I can no longer honor his wishes."

He began to walk out the door. "Come, follow. I will show you two to Tomas. You will like him. He is a nice man."

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