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The Ramblings

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:24 am
by Kaome Sky Deathand
I don't expect you to understand, so don't try if my mouth sounds hurt your head.
Something for a few I think. You will enjoy it at least.
Post if you want...if you think it will help.

Without honor, nor shred of taste.
Falsehoods, fairs, all fall from grace.
Broken image in the head.
Of the living, kill for the dead.
Told me once, scold me thrice.
Take a gamble, roll on dice.

Presented here, before the fall.
Throw the body against the wall.
Rook to Bishop, swords slung sing.
Round the Knight, Pawn checks King.
Murder backwards, red rum nigh.
Cast out scorched earth, the blood shot sky.

Traitor branded as a fool.
Puppets sit, uncouth/uncool.
The power of the 'people' shall come to believe they do rule.

I sit and simmer, seethe my rage.
Spread the blood, like ink, on page.
Watch as everyday goes by....
Another moron on mountain ply.
Every merchant dull and bland.
Scratch out a living in the sand.

I'll cut you quick, now here's the deal:
Hold no valor, keep no zeal.

And yet I see a glimmer quick, a sparking thing intrude.
It writhes within my banded thoughts, my secrets that I brood.
Is this what they call hope? I discard it lightning fast.
Play out your hand, call my bluff, pray as die is cast.
Players in the game you see, we wear a scarlet sash.
I'll send you my salvation love, in scales, in dust, in ash.

Chant the Anthem, Sing the Hymn, each epic lyric thrice intone.
Walk my darkened path dear friends, walk with me alone.

The Ramblings

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 12:27 am
by Kaome Sky Deathand
The demons pull the veil over your eyes.
I see clear through their lies.
You lash out at time and space.
Learn to sift, reflect, displace.
Burning hands and burning brands.
Through my fingers let slip the sands.

It is within my powers vast to stop your troubled land.
To seek and guide, cut out the cancer, craft with my right hand.
Yet I feel a certain something stop me, it bids me take my place,
Among the ancient, buried dead of that long forgotten race.

Within this vial, craw crimson rain!
The juice of sorrow, drink of pain.
Blasted here since His First Fall.
So rest assured, my dearest friends, I know the pathways all.

And all shall know in this due time,
The rule will be a dark one, but it will be mine.

Re: The Ramblings

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:24 am
by Kaome Sky Deathand
Here lies a living legend, cast before the feet of man.
What shall they do with him? What makes them think they can?
Take down this note false one, write it in the sky.
Put your hand upon your head, and turn it your blind eye.

Take a pinch, a pit of woes, a pot of golden aches.
Burn the heretic for his lies upon your silver stakes.
EXCISE! EXCISE! BURN IT OUT! Each steel backed doctrine thrice intone!
Cast him in to your uncaring, cast him there alone.

Re: The Ramblings

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 12:38 pm
by Kaome Sky Deathand
With heavy heart and heavy pack, I step out into the sea.
The dunes roll this way and that, dust and ash the only sight for me.
My travel will be lonely, my trek an arduous one.
Perhaps I will find my answers...
Perhaps I'll be undone...

The Ramblings

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:07 am
by Kaome Sky Deathand
Needless to say, another day has passed away.
Yet everything, and nothing, has changed.
Awake I lie, my thoughts get lost up in the sky.
Needless to say, nothing will change...

Maybe a mystic - with fortunes to tell...
Surrender my coin at the old wishing well...
Maybe the stars will light in the night...
To show me the path that is right.

'Would've beens' and 'could've beens' they waste my days away.
The colors of my life dissolve and fade to gray.

So many paths of promise...
Indecision poisons my mind.
If only I had seen the signs - so blind.
Yet I must journey on - on and on.

A haunting vision torments me...
It smothers and steals my dreams.
I see an old man in the mirror...
cold and bitter starring back at me.

Here I am - at the crossing of life I stand.
On my own - looking down the road.
Hear my cry - answer me!
Still I'm searching - yet the truth is unknown - though the night is cold.
I walk the road alone...


Re: The Ramblings

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:30 pm
by Kaome Sky Deathand
No, I didn't do this.
Yes, this does seem a coincidence doesn't it?

Re: The Ramblings

Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:21 am
by Kaome Sky Deathand
On the edge of paradise, tears of woe fall, cold as ice.
Hear my cry!
Renounce, have you, thy name?
Eternal is my pain.

Eternal is the pain that leads me to the thrones of temptation.
Eternal is the pain that leads me to the thrones of temptation...

There was a time, when nine choirs sang the endless melody of light.
Music of the spheres...
There was a place, where mortals embraced thunder and majesty.
Their fate lay in our hands.
I feel my wings slowly fading - forever lost in time - I cry.

The burning conflict I'm feeling...
It summons me to descend into the other side.
And just beyond the stars blazing a beam light from a red, velvet moon illuminates me.

I will devise, from perfect skies, a dark and vengeful day.
Faith and mercy gone astray.

With strength of infinite measure, the mighty sword divides order from chaos in the kingdom below.
And from the mansions of glory, this empty soul cries out one final plea...
The end has begun.

Our worlds collide, now in disguise, you'll feel the Wrath Divine
Tears of woe fall from the sky ...

The prophet cries!
Vast battalions rage on in the sky.
Rising from the north - the bringer of war.
Eve of destruction.
Summon all who have 'power over fire'
Impending doom from shore to shore.

Standing on the edge of paradise, I sacrifice my truth and loyalty.
Seven deadly sins consume you all, a dance with death - I taste the victory.

(Eternal is the pain that leads me to temptation)

Rising from the north - the warrior prince.
Judgement without compassion, eyes of fear.
Like the river Styx, the gates of hell -
"Abandon hope all ye who enter here"

The prophets cry!
As armies fall from the edge of the sky.
The Prince of truth, now the bringer of war.

The day of wrath!
Banish all kings from the face of the land.
Dominion for strength is my name.

Looking out on a blue sky...
I can see a new world arising.
Like a prisoner unbound, I feel the power and the majesty again.

Looking up to the heavens, I can see what I left behind.
Beneath the stars, moon and warm sun.
And all I know, is my paradise has begun...

~The Divine Wings of Tragedy

Re: The Ramblings

Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:51 am
by Kaome Sky Deathand
Truth be told, I hate this part.
Nevertheless, it had to be done and I took a moment to collect my thoughts and data-streams before reciting the Catechism of Computation under my vox synthesized breath.

"Omnissiah protect thy circuits, let this unworthy relay speed the electrons of thy great computation, preserving us from burnout. May your humble servants blessed Mind Impulse Unit be free of shunts and be spared feedback. Grant this one a quick download that his time may be better devoted to things not as frakked as this."

True enough, that's not exactly how it goes, but either the Omnissiah would shine on my endeavors or I'd spend the next few cycles cleansing my cogitator unit of corrupted data and hydra-viruses. I stuck the exposed wire into my wrist mount and connected to the system with relative ease. It was only then I felt the sickening lurch as the data washed through me.

Too much. I resolved.
I began the arduous task of sifting through the data and deleting anything that proved to be useless.
Which was just about everything to be honest.

Need Thrones fas- *Purge*
Find a local f- *Purge*
Logues brothel extrava- *Purge*
Enlarge your p- *PURGE*
For a good time send con- *FWD: INQ Dusk*

That should be worth the reprimand.
I dove back into the stream of data and got down to the business of hunting hereteks.
If there is one thing I hate more than mindless aliens, it's cultists that think they know how to use technosorcery.
Ah well, the Omnissiah never rests, how can we as His servants do anything less than that?
Besides...if I don't find a lead soon, the Inquisitor will probably cut my stipend off.....

The Ramblings

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 1:57 am
by Kaome Sky Deathand
Who are you? Prince of Nowhere.... What manner of creature are you to be? The fleeting glimpse when you draw your first breath...the thing you see when I usher about your last... What is this place beyond time? South of Sanity... Comedic cretin aren't you? Pointless peeper into places beyond his pathetic attempt to reconcile the pitiful power at his fingertips...False God...Fates Lackey...Weaver of complete and utter failures... You bore me... I hope not...we will be getting to know each other for a very long time... I take my leave of you... Willingly you came here, your first mistake. Willingly you let an outburst escape your lips, your second. I do not allow my visitors to make three mistakes foolish wretch. You will leave when I deem it and you will speak when spoken to... ..!..
Unwelcome Company

The Ramblings: "Her"

Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:17 pm
by Kaome Sky Deathand
Her eyes would be like a sea of jade, her lips the color of freshly spilled blood. She could look at me without moving her eyes and dance with me without moving her legs. To say she is not a special woman because all women are special is a travesty. She hugs me from behind and breathes against my neck every time she wants me to know she is there. Her smile would be radiant, but I'd love her far more for her pout or frown. Her stance would tell me what she wanted and her fragrance would bring tears to my eyes of a thousand promises of tomorrow. I'd be able to talk to her about anything for any amount of time. She would know in an instant if I was troubled and know in two instances how to fix it. She wouldn't have a problem showing off her body to me whenever she wanted to tease. She would flirt to rile me up, but a draw the line plain and clear, knocking some poor fool into the next world before I could even lift a hand. Any woman that approached me had better be family or long time friend, for her wrath would destroy worlds and people would die in my name under her baleful gaze. She would have me, and I her.

The silencer would make a whisper of the gunshot.
I'd hold her until she left me....

If only she was real.

Re: The Ramblings

Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:31 pm
by Kaome Sky Deathand
'Awaken MY child...and embrace the glory that is your birthright once more...Know the Overmind...and regardless of what the whore the eternal will of the Swarm...and you have been roused once more to AVENGE ME...MY child...Arise serve ME in the manner that is gifted only to you...You exist MY child to be MY hand of bring swift and terrible retribution upon MY lesser have no greater purpose than to kill and kill purge any strain that is cleanse the Swarm of any that carry not MY eradicate those in our Brood that hearken not unto their Creator...As you travel the cosmos in MY name you will remember who you are MY child....You will remember that your right arm is MY right arm...and can never be faltered on the field of combat...with it you will end lives and change whole worlds...You will remember that the heart that beats in the center of your chest is MY heart...and it will never falter in its duties to preserve you...You will arise again and again and again...even if they should sweep the world out from under you...You will remember that your exoskeleton was crafted in MY image....that it will bear the hardships of space travel and those of weapons with equal share...You will remember that your mind is MY mind...and is limitless in its day you will remember how to conjure storms that swallow planets whole...You will summon tempests that sweep away entire armies...and you will create plagues that annihilate all in their path...leaving the planet devoid of all sentient life...but untouched...only to be conquered again and again and again....You will remember that you have done this before....that you have raised this galaxy twice before in MY name...You will remember that your will is MY will and can never be broken by any prying minds of the Protoss or Terran Psychophants....You will remember MY child...but for now revel in your anguish at having to be disturbed from your Eternal Slumber once again....remember MY child....remember sorry...' ~ Omega Strain

The Ramblings: Xombie?

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:32 am
by Kaome Sky Deathand
The gunshot seemed to echo between the brick walls.
Another fell dead.
Four seconds....three seconds...two
Another retort as the weapon in his hands barked and another joined the first at his feet.
Four seconds....three seconds...two
The third one seemed slightly muffled, probably due to the ringing in his ears.
Still, the desired effect made itself seen as a third body joined the pile.
Four seconds....three seconds...two
Not another soul. He turned and ran, the alley clear of any moving bodies and that kept his heart rate steady.
Five round clip...three rounds...two rounds...reload...can't stop...RELOAD...
He fumbled, taking shelter behind a refuse can and unlatching the clip. The old rifle had held up good, the .32 making short work of the unarmored fleshy heads and chests. He had a bandoleer about himself, very old school, but functional. a small click for each number that ran in his head.
He smacked the clip back in and fled further into the cities interior.

Higher ground...gotta...find a shotty...gotta get....higher ground...
Leaping a still smoldering wreck of a cycle, he stumbled around a corner and could scarce believe his eyes.
One on the ground, one on each side of the narrow alley WALLS.

"GOSH! Are we having a ball or what?" muttered one, brandishing a knife.
The rifle was already up and the trigger pulled.
Four seconds....three seconds...two

The Ramblings: Number of the Keys

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:45 am
by Kaome Sky Deathand
"Please disengage the docking clamps."
"Yeah...yeah...sure...why not?"
[button=***]Docking Clamps Disengaged[/button]
"The Board awaits your Keyline Command."
"Someone is in a rush..."
"Well if you haven't FRAKKING noticed we are under attack Legio."
"Not my problem."
"It will be in a minute..."
"Keyline Command...."
[button=***]Bread Begins the Meal of Life[/button]
[button=***]Meat to Savor the Time at Hand[/button]
"Engage directives..."
[button=***]A Dessert to Cherish our Remaining Years[/button]
"Spool up the reactor..."
"Are you quite finished?"
"Is that how it is...well forget it then..."
[button=***]One Last Drink and the Bottle Breaks[/button]
"System disengaged from combat protocols unless you pay upfront."
[button=***]Returning us to the Dust from Whence we Came[/button]
"You're a bastard..."
"Duly noted."

The Ramblings: The Word

Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 12:42 am
by Kaome Sky Deathand
"I am the Prophet...I am the Word.

The Word does not bring Despair.
The Word brings Hope.
The Word does not bring Punishment.
The Word brings Forgiveness.
The Word does not bring Conflict.
The Word brings Peace.

I am not an entity, I am a time.
And that time is fast approaching.

I am the Word...and the Word is Zivyral."

The Ramblings: Pen-Mark

Posted: Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:10 pm
by Kaome Sky Deathand