World of Darkness

Here aspiring creators can lay down some basic ideas of what they are going to do before submitting a finalized form for the viewing public. A good place to get some help from your fellows.
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World of Darkness

Post by Cecil » Tue Apr 07, 2009 9:46 am

World of Darkness
In the past, an eternity known to man, was ruled by the gods. Freedom was peace from their wrath. The gods' wars waged accross the lands of <Insert World Name Here> wreaking lives of the guilt, and innocent. Each god seemed to have a grudge aganist at one other. The god of flame, aganist the god of the seas. The sky god against the earth god. And the legendary Sun and Moon god who combat among the stars.

The Gods * descriptions are being played with
??? - Flame God
Physical Description:

??? - Ocean God
Physical Description: A great, long serpent.

??? - Earth God
Description: A towering collosus that blocks out the sun when it enters your vision.

??? - Sky God

??? - Sun God
Description: A yellowy-orange, shinnig glow seen battilng among the stars Sun God.

??? - Moon God
Description: A purple, shining glow seen battling among the stars against the Sun God.

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