The Order of Secrets

This place was made by the Deathand, and the Deathand keeps it. Open to those who have no qualms about talking chances, or enjoy a good competition. Haven holds events for users to gain Operator Points for use of Favor, or a trick or two. Who might even get inducted into the Order of Secrets...
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The Order of Secrets

Post by Kaome Sky Deathand » Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:49 am

Here I will list those names most sacred unto the Order.
The ability to join is not difficult for some, but impossible for others.
It is never spoken...only through action will you be recorded and lifted to my right hand.

Kaome, The Ascendant, Right Hand of the Serpent, The Deathand, The Neros

Brother Bush, The Kan Codifier
Brother Dusk, Harbinger of the Rising Dusk, Master of the Grand Grimoire, often called The Grand Scurator
Brother Lokar-Ri-Gar (Loki/Lokar), The High Reclaimer
Brother Dragon/Sent, The Lorekeeper
Sister Scarlet/Red, Warsinger in the Order of the Rose
High Interrogator in the Order of the Word

Brother Namal
Brother Black Heart
The Death Stalker

Manotaur, Half Man, Half Bull, ALL MANLY, He that was sacrificed.
Cruor Vult

Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion,
simultaneously the source of our greatest strength, and our greatest weakness.

Soon we shall be One...joined in the Word.


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